Why Your AC Is Leaving Hot Spots in Your House

The heat at the conclusion of summer can be quite intense therefore it won’t surprise you to find your air conditioner after months of constant work, has started struggling to keep all of your dwelling cool. Although it’s not surprising, it’s still something you want fixed in the shortest time possible. If you have an AC which is making the rooms overly hot, it could mean that your entire system is at risk.

We’ll discuss some of the various reasons why an AC can start to provide inadequate cooling. You’ll know when you’ll need to contact with Local Ac Repair in San Francisco.

Clogged air filter

With most AC malfunctions, we recommend homeowners first check the air conditioner’s filter (usually located in the HVAC cabinet) to determine if it’s dirty. A blocked air filter can hinder the flow of air into the unit and, consequently, reduce the amount of cooled air the unit can deliver to the ducts. Certain rooms will receive sufficient cooling, whereas others won’t. A simple change to the air filter will fix this. If you have not thought about filter replacement for a while, don’t put it off any longer. AC Filter Replacement in San Francisco AC Repair Techs are always ready to serve your needs. Stop breathing dirty air and making yourself sick, call the professionals of San Francisco AC Repair Techs to replace dirty and damaged AC filters for your commercial or residential needs.

Low refrigerant

A system of air conditioning is built to operate using a set volume (or “charge”) of refrigerant which is maintained throughout the duration of its service. This amount can fall because of leaks, and this could result in the AC beginning to lose its cooling capacity and will no longer be able of evenly distributing the air throughout the house. A low refrigerant can eventually cause an AC to fail completely, so it’s vital to get it fixed when you begin to notice issues with capacity.

Leaking air ducts

Damage to the ducts linking specific rooms to the ventilation system can allow cooled cooling air from the room, leaving rooms with inadequate cooling levels. Uneven cooling is usually an indication that the ductwork requires professional repair to stop leaks. These leaks do not just affect certain rooms, but also cause an AC system less energy efficient overall. If you are searching for “duct cleaning services near you in San Francisco, CA” on the internet, you will get a long list of such companies offering Duct Cleaning Servicesbut you do not know which one is reliable.


This is when an AC shuts off its cooling cycle prematurely (cycles generally last for fifteen minutes or more) in order to turn back on again a short time later and repeat the process. Short-cycling doesn’t allow an air conditioner to distribute conditioned air throughout the room which results in an uneven cooling. Short-cycling drains power and puts enormous strain on the AC which is why it’s a malfunction you want fixed immediately.

Air conditioners that are aging

Uneven cooling is usually a red flag warning sign of an air conditioner that is coming to the end of its life. The average AC lasts 10 to 15 years so when you have an AC system that is 12 years old or more you’re in the danger zone. A decrease in the capacity of cooling for an older AC such as this usually means it’s time to replace it.

Undersized air conditioner

If this is a new AC that has not provided even cooling, then the trouble is likely a system that was incorrectly measured as being too small when it was installed. The most common mistake made by amateurs is and the only solution for correcting it is to collaborate with professionals to replace the unit with a correctly sized one.

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