Why You Should Not Post on Social Media After a Car Accident

Social media is an integral element in our daily lives. Many people have at minimum at a single social account. A lot of people have multiple accounts are used to share details about their day-to-day activities and their private lives. However, following an accident in Los angeles, the use social media could affect your case.

If you’ve been by a vehicle accident in Los angeles you should contact Car Accident Lawyers Los Angeles as soon as you can. Accident  Lawyers Attorney offers helpful advice to assist you in avoiding mistakes which could harm your case. It also explains the reasons to avoid using social media following a accident.

Four Ways Social Media Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case

Utilizing social media to inform family and friends about your progress seems like a harmless. Sharing all aspects of our lives via the internet is something that we consider normal. It isn’t easy to comprehend why posting on social media following an accident that occurred in Los Angeles is not in your best interests.

Below are the four (4) hazards of social media you should to be aware of before it’s too far.

1. Your Social Media posts aren’t as Private as You Think They Are

Everything you share on the internet is private. Insurance companies can assist you in getting copies of social media posts. Even deleted tweets, posts as well as photos and comments on social media can and haunt you in an injury case.

Investigators and adjusters from insurance companies are adept at locating data that companies can utilize to deny you a claim or reduce the value of your claim. Certain adjusters might “follow” and/or “friend” you in order to collect data. They could be doing the same thing to your family and friends on social media.

Whatever your security settings the content you post on social media might be found. In certain cases defense lawyers have received subpoenas issued by the courts, requiring victims of accidents to provide the information on their social media accounts.

2. Social Media Posts Could be misinterpreted

Whatever the matter is heard regardless of whether it is brought Los Angeles, a jury is likely to be able to hear your case in the event of a trial. Jurors may be mislead by the information or photos you publish on the internet. For instance when a friend inquires what’s going on and you answer that you’re OK or fine an attorney for defense will claim that you are exaggerating your injuries since you stated clearly that you are fine and okay. The jury may not believe that you were trying to stay positive or that you didn’t wish to talk about the severity of your injuries on the internet.

Another instance is to say that you caused the car to crash or that you’re sorry for the accident because some people suffered injuries. These statements could be considered to be admitting fault which can significantly decrease the amount of money you receive for claims for injury. In certain cases the statements may lead to a ruling in favor of defense.

Photos can be another issue when making use of social media in an accident. You can post a photo of yourself smiling at the swimming pool party of your niece. This one image could be extremely harmful if a jury decides that you were healthy sufficient to “party,” but you insist that you weren’t able to perform.

It doesn’t matter if you only attended the event for a couple of minutes and you were wearing a brave smile, due to the fact that you were suffering from severe discomfort. You will be judged on a happy and happy face in the picture.

3. Any comment you make could be Repurposed to be used against you

We all make use of social media to voice a range of complaints. If you post a complaint about the crash in your car any information you share could be used against you. A lawyer for defense may make use of the information you provide to establish inconsistencies in your testimony or statements. It doesn’t matter if you were taking medications for pain or stressed out after the incident.

4. Tagged Posts can also be an issue

It is not necessary to be associated with the content to be a social media user to be a cause of concern in an injury claim. Friends and family members who mention you in posts can cause issues. They might think they’re helpful, but they may be a hindrance to your case through making certain claims.

Tips to Social Media Usage After a Car Accident

The best method to prevent problems with your social media accounts after an accident is to follow the same procedure and that is to cease making use of the account until the case is settled. Discuss with your lawyer whether it is appropriate to deactivate your account. You might not want to erase the account since it might seem like you’re concealing some kind of secret.

If you decide to make use of social media in your personal injury case, keep in mind these tips essential to follow:

  • Never upload photos or videos.
  • Never discuss your accident, health, or recovery
  • Do not share your feelings about the incident or the injuries you sustained.
  • Don’t make posts that are related to your life today such as your daily battle to heal from the injuries you sustained in your accident.
  • Turn off comments and tagging on every social media account
  • Do not accept friend requests, or join any new groups.
  • Check-ins are disabled for all social media accounts.
  • Make sure that security settings are set to the highest levels for all accounts.
  • Don’t post anything that is publicly accessible or could be seen by “friends of friends”
  • Do not talk about your day-to-day activities or the things you wish you could accomplish

If you have any questions or have concerns, speak to you Personal Injury Attorneys promptly.

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