Which Swimming Pool Features are Best For My Pool?

One of the most appealing aspects about having a custom-built pool is the ability to make your voice heard on every single aspect. When you are designing your backyard paradise it is important to spend some time to research the most effective features to incorporate into your designing your pool. This will help you determine which features are the most suitable option for your needs. If you are a resident of Watauga, TX and looking for Swimming Pool Builder Watauga HiPools is there to meet your needs. Their swimming pools are built with passion and always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our unparalleled high standards before handing them over to you for years of pleasant and Safe Swimming. They charge reasonably for Swimming Pool Services as compared to other swimming pool builders of Watauga, TX. Undecided on where to start? Here are some of our top picks.

Deck Jets

Are you in search of an exciting and contemporary addition to your swimming pool? Consider adding some deck jets. They are available in a variety of styles that go with virtually any style of pool. You can place them on the walls of your pool or embed them in the concrete deck. The addition of colored LED lights creates a unique visual effect, while the music of splashing is soothing and peaceful.

Fire Pits

The tranquil effect from the combination of water and fire is just one of the reasons that fire pits are among the top options for designing pools. The fire pit you choose to install can be anything from a luxurious stone feature built into it to simple, portable units. To add a touch of luxurious tropical style, you could also include tiki torches as well as fire bowls and other fascinating fire features to the landscaping of your pool.

Tanning Ledge

A separate, shallow area sometimes referred to as a tanning ledge is a fantastic option to add some class in your swimming pool. Include a few lounge chairs as well as an umbrella for the perfect relaxation area. Families with young children typically believe that this is among the most beneficial features of a pools since it provides an enjoyable splash zone that’s easy to monitor.

Custom Spa

Many people be in agreement that a spa or hot tub is worthy of a spot in our top list of options for designing a pool. It is not just perfect for relaxing and resting however, the jets and hot water could help ease tension in muscles. The addition of a hot tub in your customized pool design lets you use the space throughout the cooler seasons.


There’s not many things more exciting than a pool that has an agrotto. The cave-like structure makes the ideal place to hide off for a moment of privacy. When you enter it, you’ll feel as if you’re in a totally different place. Include a waterfall over the entrance of your grotto, to enhance the appeal.

The Swim-Up Bar

If you are a lover of entertaining and would like to add some elegance in your swimming pool, then a pool bar is one of the top options to add to your pool’s design. Kids and adults alike enjoy the idea of having a social gathering eating, drinking, and snacking without ever leaving the pool. The bar could be as basic as a tiny counter, or a more elaborate bar with submerged seating an LED TV, as well as an audio system.

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