What To Do If Your Child is Injured at School?

Accidents happen every day and are especially common to children. Although children are more susceptible to bruises and scrapes however, serious injuries can occur at school. If your child has been injured at school, you may be eligible to some financial settlement. If you are living in San Diego and looking for a Local Lawyer in San Diego or attorney for child injury in school, Local Attorneys 360 is the most reliable law firm in San Diego.

Children are able to file Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Before we get to know more about children’s personal injury lawsuits, we need to determine whether children are eligible to participate in personal injury lawsuits. In the eyes of the law, only children under 18 years old are entitled to financial compensation due to personal injury.

But, a minor can’t file for a suit by themselves. The parent or legal guardian is required to file the lawsuit and it is possible to file two lawsuits simultaneously. One case gives compensation to the parent or legal guardian and the other one handles compensatory payouts for the child. If your child have been injured in a school, you need experienced Local Personal Injury Lawyers in San Diego on your side. Accident Lawyer Attorneys San Diego has represented clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases, and they are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Damages can cover loss of income and any health costs caused by the injuries. The majority of compensation will be given to the legal guardian or parent as they are responsible for the care and keeping of the child.

Can The School Be Held accountable?

There are a few questions regarding whether schools can be held accountable for any injury on school grounds. However, it is a school’s responsibility to provide students with a safe place to receive their education.

Schools have a duty to prevent injuries that occur from slippery floors, unsafe surfaces, unsafe conditions, or other students. Because schools are in the parent’s place (also known as”in loco parentis”) They are responsible for ensuring the safety of every child.

However, schools are not accountable for injuries occurring on their property after hours or during games. They are not responsible to supervise children during non- their hours of operation. Additionally, students assume the risk of any injuries that may occur during playtime.

What kind of injuries can Be Associated With?

Accidents involving other children

If your child was injured by another child, the fault is not always on that child. Schools have to prevent bullies, and teachers must effectively supervise any situations which may be dangerous.

Bus Accidents and Injuries

Accidents can happen between vehicles and buses , too. While you may pursue a personal injury claim against the offending driver and the school district, it could also be liable for the conduct of the bus driver or lack thereof.

Accidents Associated With School Equipment

Occasionally, children can be injured as a result of athletics or other equipment used in schools. Injuries caused by unsafe equipment (like balance beams or playgrounds) or lack of supervision may be used as evidence in court for personal injury.

Accidents Resulting From Premises Liability

Schools are also responsible to ensure that their playgrounds are secure. Wet areas that are not marked can lead to slip and fall accidents, while loose handrails can make children fall off the steps. Schools must guarantee a student’s security all the time.

Medical-related injuries due to medication

There are some students who are taking medication that they require throughout the day. For instance the case of a diabetic student who can’t take insulin and the nurse isn’t available, they could become shocked. The legal responsibility then falls upon the school to ensure that students have access to the medication they require.

Predictable Injuries

It is important to keep in mind that while schools are responsible for the safety of their students They can only address the issues they know about. If the school is unable to foresee any danger from the surrounding environment or from others. If that is the case, they may not be able stop the possible injuries that may occur.

Talk to an attorney

If your child has been injured at school, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Luckily, Accident Attorney San Diego are here to assist. They are here to assist you with your claim and work with the insurance company in order to obtain the settlement you need to meet your needs.

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