What Serious Injuries Occur From Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents are more frequent than you imagine within Los Angeles. Many believe that the increased number of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles is because more people are riding bicycles on our roads. However, accidents on bicycles can result in serious and in some instances, life-threatening injuries that can severely impact your life quality.

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Bicycle accidents are a common cause of injury.

Although biking in Los Angeles is typically a pleasant and healthy way to fitness, there can be frequent injuries to be aware and take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself. The most common injuries are:

Head Injury

Bicyclists who are involved in serious collisions are more likely to be afflicted with brain injuries due to hitting their heads. Head injuries account for the majority of the long-term effects of bicycle accidents as well as brain injury accounts for 60 percent of deaths. Head injuries range from scrapes to skull fractures each of which can result in a brain injury.


Concussions are the most commonly reported head injury that cyclists suffer who are involved in accidents. Knowing what to look out for following head injuries can help the diagnosis process and speed up recovery. There is a higher chance to be a case of a brain injury that occurs during a bicycle accident with high speed is more serious.

A concussion may cause symptoms like:

  • speech impairment
  • dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • memory loss
  • temporarily brain function is impaired temporarily

Head injuries can seriously affect a person’s mental as well as physical health, and the well-being and lives of their friends and relatives following the accident.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A TBI, or traumatic head accident (TBI) is among the most serious types of bike injuries. The cyclist may sustain an injury to the brain without showing any visible head injury for example, concussion or another head injuries that are closed. Traumatic brain injuries can result in the loss of memory, impairment in functioning of the body mood swings, longer-term emotional and mental disorders.

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Spinal Injury

If a bicycle crash occurs it is possible for injuries to be caused to vertebrae in your back, neck or even your spine due to the insufficient physical protection of the bicycle. The most frequent spine injuries result from accidents on bikes include:

  • Slipped discs
  • Fragments in discs that slip can occur.
  • Damage to the spinal cord

Injuries to the spine could result in serious complications, including mobility difficulties and paralysis.

Broken or fractured, the Collarbone is damaged or broken.

A fractured or broken collarbone is among the most frequent injuries that cyclists experience due to the manner in which an accident victim is struck by impact from the ground. Because it is a fragile bone the collarbone isn’t always secured when cyclists fall off their bicycles. This is because of the usual “forward” force of a fall on a bicycle. The treatment options are ranging from rest to surgery and bone plating to treat serious fractures.

Leg, Arm or Wrist Injuries to the Leg, Arm or Wrist

It’s not surprising that the wrists, arms and legs are the most susceptible to injury when cycling. Due to what cycling involves your upper extremities (arms wrists, hands and fingers) and lower extremities (knees as well as ankles as well as legs) are prone to injuries. The severity of the injury can vary from minor sprains up to severe breakages or fractures.

Based on the severity the severity of the injury, a wrist, arm or leg injury could cause you to be off your bike for a lengthy time, and could even result in hospitalization or disability.

Dental and facial injuries. Dental Injury

The risk of facial injuries is high following cycling accidents. These injuries can include severe cuts or abrasions which require stitches, and can leave permanent scars on the face. Bicycle accidents can cause significant injuries to the face of cyclists such as broken or lost teeth, vision or eye impairment or damage, as well as damage to the nose, such as a broken one.

Jaw fractures and soft tissue traumas to the mandible also are frequently encountered and require treatment by skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons which can be costly.

Soft Tissue Injury

Most soft tissue injuries happen and last longest in the neck (cervical) and the middle (thoracic) and lower (lumbar) spine, as well as the shoulder region. They can cause soreness, pain, or discomfort in your neck, back and foot, shoulder, hand, and arm.

As opposed to fractures, which are more likely to heal quicker and fully soft tissues injury to the shoulders could result in long-term impairment. Due to the intricate nature of the shoulder or spine joint, the long-term effects typically happen when tendons and ligaments are stretched or torn.

What should you do following A Bicycle Accident?

It is normal for drivers to attempt to blame the other driver after being injured in a bike accident. But, the reckless driving of drivers, including speeding, drunk driver, distracted drivers and many more–causes a lot of bike accidents that occur within Los Angeles City every year. Therefore, it is essential to provide evidence to support your claim when you seek to recover.

After having checked for injuries and relocated to a secure location to prevent further injuries make a call to 911 and inform them of the accident. If the injuries you sustained are serious and you’re unable to make a 911 call, ask someone else do it. You’ll need an official report of the accident when making the insurance claim.

If you are able, take photographs or video of the scene of the accident however, be sure not to put yourself in danger your self or others by taking them. Also, collect the names and contact numbers of witnesses. Witness evidence can be extremely beneficial in proving fault as well as guilt.

After the bike accident it is recommended that you visit a doctor immediately. A prompt medical visit will protect your health and gives you the right to compensation for injuries. When your injuries have stabilized you can contact one of our Los Angeles City bicycle accident attorney to schedule a complimentary consultation. Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles will assist you to make an insurance claim, and steer clear of mistakes that may make your claim invalid, while ensuring that you receive an equitable settlement for your bicycle accident claim.

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