What Are Your Options For Correcting Uneven Teeth?

Everyone is eager to smile and laugh confidently. But, you might be hesitant to show off your beautiful whites if have a sloping smile.

Inequities in teeth can be a typical dental problem. There are numerous ways to improve the appearance of uneven teeth , so you can smile with confidence. You can also contact with Family Dental Doctor for cosmetic dental treatment Houston who assist you with any dental issue.

Certain methods are less invasive, and more complex such as contouring or veneers as opposed to others that are more complex like braces.

Don’t be afraid to smile! Cosmetic dentistry can restore your crooked, uneven, damaged or discolored teeth.

How can teeth become uneven?

Uneven teeth may be the result of many causes. For instance, dental hygiene issues, genetics grinding teeth or aging, as well as accidents can all contribute to uneven smiles.

It is possible to think of your teeth being uneven as just a cosmetic problem. But, unbalanced teeth could cause other dental problems.

You could experience issues with your bite or TMJ disorder which can be an uncomfortable jaw problem. The correction of your teeth’s unevenness can help stop these serious issues from developing.


Veneers are tooth-colored, thin customized, porcelain layers that are attached on the top of the tooth. They conceal small imperfections like irregularly-shaped teeth or chips, gaps and chips.

Furthermore, veneers can cover the wear and tear of enamel as well as discolourations.

Dental veneers aren’t an infected procedure and can be finished within a few appointments.

To attach the veneers the teeth’s surface the dentist must first remove a thin layer enamel to make an even surface. The veneers are then bonded.

After the procedure is completed Your smile will change completely. Veneers can change the shape the size, length and even the colour of your teeth and create the perfect smile.

But, they’re not only a cosmetic treatment! They can also enhance your bite, and remove the need for intensive dental treatment.

Porcelain veneers safeguard the teeth against further harm and assist to ensure proper alignment between the jaw and bite. Additionally, they’re extremely robust and will last for a long time provided they are maintained properly.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is among the most minimally invasive dental procedures. It’s also a relatively simple procedure that will quickly correct gaps, uneven teeth and minor tooth damage. Your smile will appear more straight and more symmetric as a result.

In the course of your appointment to bond your teeth Your dentist will apply a tiny portion of tooth-colored composite onto your tooth. The resin is sculpted into the desired shape, and its hue is adjusted to blend with the rest of your teeth.

Then, the resin gets smoothed and hardened. Once it’s set and polished, you can leave with a sparkling new smile!


Contouring, also referred to as tooth reshaping, is pretty easy to explain. When you undergo this procedure your dentist cuts off an enamel-like layer by using a rotating instrument known as bur.

It will correct minor variations in the form the length, shape, or even the surface that your teeth have. In the end, every tooth on your smile appear more uniform.

This method is a simple solution to repair chipping, crowding, or unevenness. It is most often used on dental fronts. Additionally, the entire procedure is fairly non-invasive and does not require an Anesthesia.


A crown made of porcelain is a typical treatment for decayed, broken or damaged tooth. The crown covers the tooth over the gumline, which restores the appearance and function of the tooth that has been damaged.

However, crowns are also able to make a difference to a smile that is uneven.

Dental Crowns Near Me Houston may place the crown on your tooth, which will lengthen its appearance, so that it blends into the rest of your smile. 

Crowns are made specifically for you and feature an appearance that is natural. They’re also sturdy, which means they don’t affect the functionality that your teeth perform. Actually, crowns strengthen your teeth, which makes them stronger.


No matter what age, braces can be an effective method of fixing crowded, misaligned, gaps, and crooked teeth. They are not able to repair cracks, chips or other types of damage.

So, braces might not be the ideal solution for your sloping teeth. Your dentist can advise you on whether corrective orthodontics are the best option for you.

In the end, braces have helped many patients get an even, straighter smile. They gradually move teeth into the correct position, thereby improving spacing and improperly aligned bites.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners perform the same purpose as braces, but have a distinct appearance. While braces utilize metal brackets that are attached directly to your front teeth Clear aligners are constructed out of transparent plastic.

They’re also a more discrete method of straightening teeth. Clear aligning trays are the ideal choice for those who want to maintain an unobtrusive appearance.

Similar to braces, aligners made of clear gradually move your teeth to the proper position. They make use of a set transparent plastic tray in order to shift your teeth slowly.

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