What are Punitive Damages? When Do Punitive Damages Apply?

If you suffered injuries as a result of an accident caused through drunk driving You could be eligible for additional damages, also known as punitive damages. This kind of compensation is designed to penalize motorists who engage in reckless behaviour. Local Attorneys 360 company is a private legal service and our mission is to encourage local attorneys to do legal work for civil and criminal matters in their communities. If you are living in Las Vegas and looking for a Local Lawyer in Las Vegas for bankruptcy, business, family real-estate, or DUI lawyers. Las Vegas is the best place to find local lawyers.

What are the Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are those that are more than compensation. If the driver at fault was intoxicated or engaging in harmful conduct. In that scenario, the court may punish for the driver’s actions with a higher amount they owe.

In essence, they aren’t only responsible for paying the damages they owe you due to the accident but also an additional amount which the court determines to be appropriate. Punitive damages go beyond the compensatory amount and are specifically designed to penalize the party at fault.

Punitive damages may be awarded to you if the responsible person was guilty of gross negligence, or in the event that their actions were deliberate. They can also be used to discourage an individual from repeating the same offense or stop other drivers from repeating the error.

When do Punitive Damages apply?

Punitive damages apply when the at-fault party has caused you a lot of harm as a result of their actions. The at-fault party went beyond the limits of negligence to the point that the jury ruled that financial penalties were necessary.

Some situations that might require punitive damages can include:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Accidents involving hit and run
  • Accidents involving trucks

Additionally, punitive damages may be applied when the at-fault party does not adhere to the law, such as super-speeding or driving under the drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also possible to use these damages when there is clear reckless conduct.

How Much Compensation Can Punitive Damages Give?

Georgia law provides that the maximum amount that can receive for punitive damages is $250,000. However, there are three exceptions to this law may require more compensation than the amount allowed by the cap.

The cap is not applicable to claims arising from product liability or driving while impaired or when the at-fault individual acts with the intention to cause harm. If you’re involved injured in an accident caused by drunk driving or malicious intention, you could get more compensation than the $250,000 cap.

How Do Can I Recover Punitive Damages?

It is difficult to obtain some quantity of punitive damage in Las Vages because juries usually determine whether they will give them or not and also the amount of damages that you are due. However, there are specific ways to qualify to claim punitive damages.

If you seek punitive damages, you must include a specific argument to support your claim. Also, you must include this claim prior to filing the lawsuit since you will not be able add it after the trial commences.

There are additional procedures that are involved in determining punitive damages. Personal Injury Lawyers Las Vegas and you must have proof of the fact, an occurrence or potential of causing harm, as well as any additional evidence.

Speak to an attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident in your car, Car Accident Lawyers Las Vegas are here to help. They want to partner with you on your claim and discuss with your insurance provider to get a settlement to be able to meet your needs.

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