Top 4 Surprisingly Affordable Bathroom Remodel Elements

After surfing Pinterest endlessly, you might be tempted to renovate your bathroom. However, there’s a major obstacle that prevents you from diving into the remodeling project with a vengeance: the budget. The problem is that changing your bathroom’s appearance with a modern look usually comes with the cost of a large sum. There are, however, very affordable bathroom remodel components that you can integrate to your space to transform your bathroom from boring to stunning.

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With a few low-cost aesthetic adjustments for your bathroom you’ll be able to create the desired appearance without spending a fortune. You might be wondering how to renovate your bathroom without spending a fortune. To help you design the bathroom you’ve always wanted with a reasonable price we’ve put together the top 10 inexpensive bathroom fixtures that will surely enhance the look of your space. Check out our top tips for updating your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Remodel Your Bathroom Cabinets

The layout in your bathroom might have just one cabinet to conceal the plumbing of your bathroom, or a wall of cabinets which offers ample storage space for the entire bathroom’s linens, toiletries as well as small appliances. Making your cabinets look fresher is among the most effective ways to improve the look the bathroom.

If your cabinets are natural wood look that is outdated or are painted in a shade that doesn’t appeal to your taste, you might be considering painting the cabinets in your bathroom. For a simple, neutral appearance, consider the gray or white cabinet. However, maybe you’re feeling slightly daring! You can instead paint your cabinets in a colorful palette which will give a lively look to your small area.

If you’re looking for a costlier (but nevertheless budget-friendly) alternative, you could swap out the cabinet doors too. If the cabinet’s doors appear rather old-fashioned, changing the doors rather than the entire cabinet is the most cost-effective solution. If you choose to paint your cabinets or replace the doors, you’ll need to overlook cabinets’ hardware. Sometimes, the smallest of changes can are the most significant!

Install a Fun Backsplash

One aspect of the bathroom that’s easy to forget could be your backsplash. Although the backsplash in your bathroom can to shield the walls of your bathroom from water and dirt but it shouldn’t appear boring! Change the look in your bathroom through creating an eye-catching focal point in your bathroom’s backsplash.

The most appealing aspect of changing the backsplash in your bathroom is that it allows your personal style to shine through in your choice! With a variety of types of materials, colors, shapes of textures, sizes, and shapes There are plenty of options for tiles for you to choose from that allow you to create the look and feel you’d like to create.

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Perhaps you’d like make your home a secluded space. If so then consider using the neutral subway tiles that are an earthy hue. However, if you’re looking to find something that’s a little more energetic then you could weave the tiles in a pattern that can create a mood whenever you enter the bathroom. Making your bathroom’s backsplash more modern is an easy way to make you stand out from the other bathroom fixtures that are outdated within the bathroom.

Choose a Funky Wallpaper

We’re sure of it. Wallpaper?! Aren’t wallpapers a thing of the past? Nope! Wallpaper is experiencing an appearance and it’s an era we’re happy to be a part of! Instead of painting the walls in your bathroom to create an element of interest into the space with cool wallpaper.

When choosing wallpaper there are some decisions to make. Do you wish to make one accent wall that will draw attention towards a particular area of the space? The wallpaper will be applied to all walls in the bathroom? Do you want something more subtle, or are you looking for a vivid and striking design that is certain to stand out? After having thought about the responses to the above questions, it’s now time to choose the right wallpaper to completely transform your bathroom!

One of the advantages of choosing to put wallpaper on your walls is that it’s temporary. Instead of the traditional wallpaper which needs a little elbow grease should you decide to take it off You can choose to install temporary wallpaper that you peel and stick. The wallpaper comes in long strips which can be stuck to the wall, and removed at any time which makes it an inexpensive bathroom remodel choice. It’s also a fantastic method to make the bathroom more modern in a rental so you can incorporate a little of your personal style to the space!

Change Your Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors for bathrooms that are constructed to last are able to cover the entire length of the vanity, and extend from the counters up to the sink. Most of the time, the mirror is attached to the wall with no features like a frame. In most cases, the bathroom mirrors made by builders leave many things to be wanted.

You might not be aware of it that your mirror in the bathroom is probably to be one of the most frequent fixtures within your bathroom, and it shouldn’t be left to chance! Make sure you give your bathroom mirror an update by custom framing the edges. This can make it appear more expensive, while also adding the personality of you to the space.

If you have the funds you to do so, you can replace the mirror entirely. We suggest matching the new mirror with the bathroom fixtures so that it’s all in sync. If you’d prefer frames it is possible to install backlighting behind the mirror to give it an extra dimension. Based on the size of the mirror you are replacing You may also want to install a new wallpaper or backsplash behind it to make it an accent!

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