Tips For Creating The Perfect Breakfast Nook

It’s always important to start your day out with a positive start. For many, that involves having a hot cup of coffee to wake us up in the morning. Instead of drinking your coffee while on the move you could take the time to sit down and drink your cup of tea while sitting in a comfortable breakfast area that’s located in the corner of your kitchen. That same space then transitions into a working space for your children as they finish up their homework after school. Then, shortly after , it becomes the place in which your family can gather to eat a meal together. If it is designed correctly, a breakfast nook can make a great addition to the kitchen you already have. If you are looking to get kitchen renovation services in San Jose, CA then no look further than San Jose Reliable Kitchen Remodeling. Their company offers the Best Kitchen Renovation Services in San Jose, CA. They’re dedicated to providing our customers with a high-quality and stylish kitchen renovation that will last them for years to come.

But, the process of creating a breakfast area isn’t the same as just buying the table and chairs. To make the process of designing simpler and more efficient, we’ve assembled a selection of our most loved ideas for kitchen nooks that let you design the perfect breakfast area no matter the kitchen design or dimensions. Here are a few different ideas for design elements to think about.

Utilize a Corner

There are several kinds of breakfast nooks however the traditional style (and our favorite!) uses this corner in your kitchen, to provide a comfy space for your family to relax. Utilizing the 90 degree angle of your walls to your advantage helps create a relaxing environment which is still surrounded, while still being part of the surrounding kitchen. The corner can be elevated breakfast corner by adding a window that allows light to stream in and illuminate the space. If you want your kitchen to be as bright as possible without having too much light shining into other rooms at night, then a Kitchen Lighting Update in San Jose is an excellent choice. A major advantage of this type of breakfast nook is the ability to customize the space to suit your preferences including a mix of bench seating and a chair, just chairs and a round table as well as a rectangular tableWhatever you want is, it can work in an nook for breakfast in the corner!

Complement the Kitchen

While you would like your breakfast nook to be viewed as distinct space in your home, you should make sure it blends into the space. If the theme and colors conflict with your kitchen, it’ll make the vibe of the space appear chaotic and chaotic. Incorporate colors and shapes to match your existing kitchen and bar area so the spaces flow beautifully. If you have a kitchen boasting white cabinets and the black-colored hardware you might consider installing white chairs and tables with black accents, like the light fixture you choose to highlight. Do your kitchens have archways or is it a more linear design? Take advantage of the current design to determine the ideal table shape that is a perfect match for your kitchen.

Comfort Is Key

One of the best reasons to install a breakfast nook is for the additional comfort it offers. Sure, it creates additional seating for your family. It provides a warm and welcoming space where you can enjoy your early morning coffee, or even eat an afternoon snack while they finish their work. Bring a variety and pillows to your breakfast area, making sure that anyone who sits there will be comfortable (and don’t want to get up from your table!). They’re not just adding an extra level of ease, but they could also help tie the entire home together by incorporating various designs, textures, and fabrics used throughout other places. Be aware that these cushions and pillows will be placed in the kitchen therefore you should invest in options that have stain-resistant fabrics and can withstand whatever mess you throw their way!

Choose a Lighting Fixture with a Statement

Even if your breakfast area has plenty of sunlight through a nearby window, you’ll want to incorporate lighting that illuminates the area at any time of the day. The reason for the fixture isn’t just to add light to the room, it also plays a significant role in denoting the breakfast nook’s location as separate from the rest of your space. Pick a light fixture that matches the vibe of your kitchen, yet stands out and creates a statement of its own. It is possible to experiment with funky shapes, sizes that vary or other options to make the space your own. But, you must keep in mind that you don’t want overdo it in terms of the size and the light fixture should span about 3/4 the width of the table.

Find Ways to Include Storage

The longer you stay in your home, the more random things we seem to accumulate as time passes — and it seems to happen a lot quicker at the table! If you’re constantly run over storage room in the kitchen, you may be hesitant about putting in an area for breakfast that occupies a portion of the essential square footage. But just the fact that you’re adding breakfast nook doesn’t mean you should sacrifice storage space. It is possible to double or triple the amount of storage space if you are strategically planning it! When designing your breakfast nook take into consideration the various ways you can create additional storage. It doesn’t matter if you put up a beautiful shelving to the wall above the nook or use the bench seating for less-used kitchen items such as dishes, cookware, and linens, or small appliances, the possibilities are endless.

Use Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen corner is the most common area for a breakfast nook doesn’t mean that’s where you’ll need to place it! If there’s no space on your counter, you may be thinking about building a breakfast nook off of your island. This allows you to maximize the space available, while also having the workstation for food preparation that seamlessly transitions into a table in the kitchen for your friends and family to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

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