The Importance Of Family in Addiction Recovery

Friends and relatives of loved ones suffering from an addiction play a crucial role in the recovery process, however it is crucial to ensure that they don’t take on the role of being accountable for the person. A total of two million in the USA suffer from addiction. Addiction is an intense and uncontrollable urge to consume drinks, take drugs or engage in a specific thing, such as gambling.

If a person is suffering with addiction, their behavior may affect many people, including their family members and friends who live with them. It is believed that an addict’s condition is a major influence upon at the very least 6 others. It is the natural desire of family and friends to to aid their loved one. But, this could cause them to become overly accountable for the person they love which is also known as enabling because this kind of behavior enables addicts to avoid responsibility for their own actions, which can lead to refusal.

Angie Cullen (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP)) The psychiatrist who oversees the family support sessions we offer at the Alcohol Rehab Places Los Angeles, explains why this isn’t really helping in the long run: “At Alcohol Rehab Places we attempt to inspire families of patients we serve to take full responsibility on their own behavior, not the actions of their loved ones who are suffering from addiction. The addict has to be able to accept responsibility for their actions as this is a crucial aspect of recovery, and aids in restoring self-esteem.

Families frequently find it beneficial to learn about the disease and to share their experiences

Family sessions are held at Alcohol Treatment Facility Los Angeles are open to people who are close to the person. People visit us to learn about the disease and its signs and symptoms. They appreciate listening to and sharing their experiences with other people who are in the same situation which may be related to gambling, alcohol, drugs or another addiction.

Angie says: “As the illness develops family members and close friends may feel isolated and therefore, attending these meetings helps them know that they’re not the only ones. A lot of people start with the belief that the person who is addicted is the issue and nobody else is affected however, they quickly realize there are many people affected. The process of coming to terms with addiction can be a difficult experience for those affected. Families are often faced with massive stress, along with guilt and shame. They also have to deal with denial. In our family sessions, families are usually relieved to finally talk about what they’ve been through. There are some who have several sessions, and we also provide 24-hour telephone assistance. One-on-one therapy is available when needed.

“Many alcohol users find it difficult to deal with stressful situations. They realize that alcohol is instantaneous in its effects and other strategies for coping aren’t as quick. While they’re here patients learn to control anxiety, what their triggers are, as well as alternative strategies to avoid the addictive behaviors.

“We recommend that patients tell everyone in their families of their struggle with addiction. It is crucial to inform them of ways to assist with recovery and especially following treatment.”

The involvement of family members can be a way to overcome the illusion of denial

Addiction Treatment at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Los Angeles is typically provided in our intensive 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme. In the beginning of this the patient is encouraged to request their family members or friends to write and mail an email to them in which family members or friends write about what impact the addiction of the patient has caused on them. It’s a painful and challenging process, but it can assist in breaking any denial that lasts and allows people to be open.

We give all family members a pack of family and invite them to reach us to attend one of the support sessions that are held every fortnight.

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