The Hilarious Journey of Andrew Santino: Comedian, Actor, and Podcaster

Andrew Santino is a well-known personality in the world today, especially in comedy. Santino was born and grew up in Chicago and has impacted the entertainment world through comedies, acting, and podcasts. Thus, the present biography will give an overview of his experiences and events in his life, such as his personal history, family, education, occupation, significant achievements and failures, and personal life.

Birth and Early Life

Andrew Santino is an associate comedian, actor, and podcaster. He became famous for his brilliant jokes. He was born on October 16th, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, and has tremendously impacted the entertainment profession.

Living in the focal city, he had a rather diverse childhood with different influences from the multicultural environment by his parents. Andrew’s family played a vital role in influencing his comic perception of life. His Mother was an independent woman who inspired him to maintain a job and overcome all life’s challenges, and his father was a working man who taught him to work hard for all that he dreamed of.



Andrew got his high school education at Naperville North High School, and he initially developed an interest in comedy. As an intelligent and witty boy, he was accepted and became popular among his schoolmates. Andrew attended Arizona State University to get further education after he completed high school. Here he polished his comedy skills and talents, which brought about his involvement in many comedy shows and entertaining events.

Rise to Fame

He gained popularity through live stand-up comedy shows, television shows, and his comedy podcast with Bobby Lee. His progress shows his wish to become a successful and famous comedian, actor, and podcaster.

  • Born on October 16, 1983
  • From Chicago, Illinois
  • Comedian, actor, and podcaster

His personal life and family 

His parents and siblings

Andrew sanoito is a lucky person for having h a small and supporting family of four. He is the only child of Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies, and he has a sister, Ali Macofsky, who has always encouraged him in his career. Andrew is very occupied, but he never loses sight of the fact that he has to spend time with his family.

Many times, Andrew mentions his family as the reason why he has achieved fame and fortune in the world of entertainment. He has a great bond with his parents, but unlike most young men, he dislikes displaying his family, especially his parents, on social media platforms. In interviews, Andrew always emphasizes the significance of the family when it comes to a career.

  • Parents: Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies
  • Sibling: A Sister named Ali Macofsky

His affairs

Andrew Santino has been said to be involved with several Hollywood actresses. Two years later, the public knew he was in a relationship with Irish actress Sarah Bolger. Both were seen at Guild of America for the series FXX’s Dave, and they both looked alike, wearing matching outfits and touching each other at the waist.

However, it soon became apparent that Sarah was simply there to support Santino. Another rumor suggested that Andrew was married to singer-actress Danielle Brooks. This was dispelled when Danielle, known for her role in “Orange is the New Black,” confirmed her engagement to real estate agent Dennis Gelin on New Year’s Eve 2020. They married in Miami in January 2021.

  • Linked to several famous Hollywood women.
  • Rumored to be dating Irish actress Sarah Bolger in 2020.
  • Spotted at the Guild of America premiere of FXX’s “Dave.”
  • Sarah Bolger was just there to support Santino.
  • Rumored to be married to singer-actress Danielle Brooks.
  • Danielle confirmed the engagement to Dennis Gelin on New Year’s Eve 2020.
  • Married in Miami in January 2021.


How and When Did Andrew Santino Get Married?

Details about Andrew Santino’s wife and how they met are not publicly known. The length of their relationship before getting engaged is also unclear. This privacy might be Santino’s way of keeping his personal life out of the spotlight.

Andrew has shared some interesting tidbits about their relationship. Both he and his wife were initially focused on their careers and not interested in settling down. They attended joint therapy sessions during tough times, which ironically brought them closer, especially since they didn’t get along with their therapist.

  • Details about wife and meeting are unknown.
  • Relationship duration before engagement is unclear.
  • Privacy likely a way to keep personal life out of the spotlight.
  • Both focused on careers and not settling down initially.
  • Attended joint therapy sessions, which brought them closer.


Who is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

There have been conflicting reports about Andrew Santino’s wife. Some sources claim he is married to Danielle Brooks, while others suggest Sarah Bolger.  Some mention Jessica Michelle Singleton as his wife. He is considered his wife because both are comedians and can be seen together. It’s easy to imagine that humor brought them together. Both being stand-up comedians, they likely crossed paths at comedy clubs or industry events, where their shared love for making people laugh sparked a connection.

  • Conflicting reports about his wife.
  • Some sources claim Danielle Brooks.
  • Others suggest Sarah Bolger.
  • Some mention Jessica Michelle Singleton.
  • Both comedians likely met at comedy clubs or industry events.


Does Andrew Santino Have Kids?

It’s also unclear if they have children, though there are rumors they might be keeping two daughters out of the public eye]. In a 2019 episode of the “Tiger Belly” podcast, he openly discussed his anxieties about becoming a dad, describing the vast adjustment it would entail. Before considering parenthood, he mentioned wanting to be financially stable, own a safe vehicle, and have a secure home.

  • Unclear if they have children.
  • Rumors suggest two daughters kept out of the public eye.
  • Discussed anxieties about becoming a dad in a 2019 “Tiger Belly” podcast.
  • Mentioned need for financial stability, a safe vehicle, and a secure home before parenthood.


How Did Andrew Santino Start His Career?

Start from comedy

Andrew Santino’s career in stand-up comedy began in the early 2000s. His unique blend of humor, combining sharp observations and relatable anecdotes, quickly caught audiences’ attention. He performed in various comedy clubs nationwide, which made him the audience’s favorite comedian. His big break came when he was featured on Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour,” showcasing his talent to a broader audience.

Entry into television and films

Andrew Santino is also a professional comedian and actor and has appeared in numerous movies and television shows both as a comedian and an actor. Apart from Dave and the show This Is Us, he has also been featured in Curb Your Enthusiasm, How I Met Your Mother and the Disaster Artist, and Office Christmas Party movies; he mainly does comedy, drama, and other performance genres.

  • Appeared in “Dave” and “This Is Us”
  • Featured in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  • Movies like “The Disaster Artist” and “Office Christmas Party”



Year Title Role Notes
2008 Henry Poole Is Here Hospital Orderly
2010 Santa’s Xmas Party Andrew Short film; also writer and executive producer
2012 Funny Girl Himself Short film
2013 Dance Crew Def Leo Pard Short film
2014 Warren Rob Brown
2016 Dean Chad
2016 SXSW Comedy with Natasha Leggero Himself
2017 Show Business Doctor Short film
2017 The Disaster Artist Scott Holmes / ‘Mike’ [12]
2018 Little Bitches Trent
2018 Game Over, Man! Officer Hank
2020 Friendsgiving Rick
2022 Me Time Alan Geller
2023 House Party Peter
2023 Fool’s Paradise Comedian
2023 Scrambled Jesse Robinson
2024 Ricky Stanicky JT

TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2009–10 Crafty Eli / Craft Service Series regular (8 episodes)
2010 Big on the Web Himself (host) Unknown episode(s)
2010 The Surf Report Himself (host) Unknown episode(s)
2012 Punk’d Field Agent Recurring role (12 episodes)

Segment producer (5 episodes)

2012 The Office Ship Sales Transport Captain Episode: “The Boat
2013 Arrested Development Employer Episode: “The B. Team
2013 Family Tree Confederate Soldier Episode: “Civil War”
2013 Children’s Hospital Jasper ‘Pants’ Episode: “Imaginary Friends
2013 Adam Devine’s House Party Himself Episode: “Ex-Girlfriend”
2013 Who Gets the Last Laugh? Field producer

Episode: “Kunal Nayyar / Bill Bellamy / Jeff Dye”

2014 Deadbeat Sports Commentator Episode: “The Hot God Contest
2014 Mixology Bruce Series regular (13 episodes)[13]
2014 The League Shapps Episode: “EBDBBnB
2014 How I Met Your Dad Danny Unaired CBS/FOX pilot[14]
2014 Last Call with Carson Daly Himself (guest) Episode: “J.B. / Andrew Santino / Warm Soda”
2015 Sin City Saints Jake Tulius Series regular (8 episodes)[15][16]
2015 The Sixth Lead Tow Truck Operator Episode: “Trouble at the Security Gate”
2015 Conan Himself (comic guest) Episode: “Edward Norton / Melissa Rauch / Andrew Santino”
2015 Roast of Justin Bieber Pre-Show Himself (host) TV special
2015 The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail Himself (guest) Episode: “The One with All the Spitting”
2015 The Half Hour Himself (comedian) Episode: “Must CC: The Half Hour”
2016 American Dad! Jaramillo Henchman (voice role) Episode: “Fight and Flight
2016–17 Here’s the Rub Nikola Popov Series regular, executive producer (12 episodes)
2016–22 This Is Us Casey 3 episodes
2017 The Late Late Show with James Corden Himself (guest) Episode: “Jim Carrey / Al Madrigal / Andrew Santino / Erik Griffin”
2017–18 I’m Dying Up Here Billy Hobbs Series regular (20 episodes)
2018 Alone Together Kyle Episode: “Nurse Esther”
2019 Fam Spence Episode: “Party Girl”
2019–20 Lights Out with David Spade Himself (panelist) 3 episodes
2020 Curb Your Enthusiasm Plumber Episode: “Insufficient Praise
2020–2023 Dave Mike Series regular (30 episodes)
2021–23 Ten Year Old Tom Various voices 5 episodes
2021 Fairfax Biff (voice) Episode: “Dale Hates His Dad”
2023–present Royal Crackers Theodore “Theo” Hornsby Jr. (voice) Main role
2023 Beef Michael Recurring role[17]


Andrew Santino’s Stand-Up Specials

Andrew Santino has a lot of content, but he has comedy specials that people find funny. His most notable special is “Andrew Santino: Some of his famous sketches include ‘Pizza’ and ‘Cheeseburger’ since they demonstrate his creativity, humor, and storytelling competencies. This special mainly captures his stand-up comedy and cemented the comedy icon in today’s comedy market.

  • “Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger”: Popular stand-up special
  • Showcases his sharp humor and storytelling

Stand-up specials

Year Title Platform
2018 Home Field Advantage Amazon Prime
2023 Cheeseburger Netflix

Podcasts and Collaborations

It should also be mentioned that from February 2019 to December 2020, he was a co-host of the podcast “Bad Friends” with Bobby Lee. The podcast is famous for practical jokes, warm and funny conversations with the listeners, and contained discussions of different themes. Having a comedian as a host, Andrew Santino was able to create his show by calling friends and acquaintances into the show. His first podcast, for example, is Whiskey Ginger, where he does funny interviews while drinking. Due to the success of this podcast and his comic conversation with Bobby Lee, ‘Ace On The House’ was transformed into ‘Bad Friends,’ thus ensuring his place in the sphere of podcasting.

  • Known for hilarious banter
  • “Whiskey Ginger”: Interviews celebrities and friends
  • Started with “Whiskey Ginger”
  • Relaxed, humorous interviews
  • Led to creating “Bad Friends”
  • “Bad Friends”: Co-hosted with Bobby Lee

What is Andrew Santino’s height and weight?

His height

Andrew Santino’s height can be judged as 6 feet 1 inch or 6.57 meters. He is a tall and distinct character on the stage, considered one of the most attractive comedians. His physical appearance and excellent comedy make him enjoy fans’ attention.

  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
  • Commanding stage presence

His weight

His weight is equal to 73 kilograms. He also maintains a muscular body to make up for his biceps. He is concerned about being physically healthy and robust. He liked exerting himself to keep up with his muscular physique and enjoyed heavy lifting.

What Is Andrew Santino’s Net Worth?

This makes it evident that Andrew Santino has a decent net worth that is valuable for a comedian, TV actor, and podcaster. In the current computation, he has a worth of 5 million to 6 million dollars. He is also financially independent due to his talent and has no hesitation in working for Hollywood.

  • Estimated net worth: $5 to $6 million
  • Successful career in comedy, television, and podcasting

How is Andrew Santino’s lifestyle?



Comedian Andrew Santino is funny and an expert on enjoying the best life. That is why it is not surprising that he leads a luxurious lifestyle. It is a fact that he is a successful artist with a rising net worth.


As for expenses, Santino does not hold back the opportunity to spend money on luxurious items. he uses lavished honeymoons, branded clothing and accessories, and expensive restaurants with some of the finest food in the country. He knows how to make his style, whether in formal wear, stylish suits, or luxury watches.

  • Luxury vacations
  • High-end fashion (designer suits, expensive watches)
  • Extravagant dining experiences

Material possessions

However, Santino also appreciates things that can be done or felt besides the material items. He also enjoys traveling and discovering different locations in the world. That is why he enjoys island relaxing on white sandy beaches or exploring other cultures as far as possible to create long-lasting memories.


  • Traveling and exploring new cultures
  • Creating lasting memories



However, his luxurious life should not confuse anyone because Andrew Santino is not stingy about charity. It may be noted that he firmly supports different charity organizations and the causes that hold quite dear to him.

  • Generous with charities he supports

Careful budgeting and financial management

But of course, living such a luxurious life does have its price. Sustaining such luxury does not come cheap and therefore needs proper management and balance of expenditures. He knows all these things well and balances them to fulfill his desire for a comfortable life.


  • Recognizes the cost of such a lifestyle
  • Practices budgeting and financial management


Success and passion

It is said that Andrew Santino’s lifestyle today is both the consequence of his successful career as a comedian and his love for pleasures in life. Perhaps not many people can afford such luxury nowadays, but we can still appreciate the man for getting all this.


  • Lifestyle reflects his success and enjoyment of life

How Does Andrew Santino Balance His Career and Personal Life?

Yes, Andrew Santino has been able to work and also raise a family by having an understanding that work and family should be separate. They do not share personal information with others; instead, they draw people’s attention to the successful biography. This way, he is not only able to maintain a stable personal life but also not abandon his fans, continuing to do his work.

  • Maintains clear separation between personal and professional life
  • Keeps personal life private
  • Focuses public attention on professional achievements

How Old Is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino’s existing age in the year 2023 is 40 years, and he was born on October 16, 1983. Nevertheless, he does not cease to remain creative in his shows, podcasts, and acting parts, even at this age. His versatility in each platform has managed to cover shows that audiences like him.

  • Born on October 16, 1983
  • 40 years old as of 2023
  • Continues to bring fresh energy
  • Co-host “Bad Friends” podcast

What Is Andrew Santino’s Connection to “The Office”?

Another interesting fact is that Andrew Santino has appeared in the popular American television series ‘The Office.’ In this way, however brief his contribution was, it was a welcome part of his acting resume. Doing so in such a popular show proved that he has the quality to act in different comedies and, thus, increased his popularity in the industry.

  • Guest appearance on “The Office”
  • Memorable role despite its brevity
  • Highlights his versatility


What Are Andrew Santino’s Upcoming Projects?

Andrew Santino is still involved in several activities, such as comedy, television, and podcasting. He will do stand-up comedies across the nation as well as continue to work on episodes of the show “Bad Friends” and research new characters for up-and-coming television and films. The audience looks forward to reading his content and hopes for another dose of humor.

  • Performing stand-up shows
  • New episodes of “Bad Friends”
  • Potential roles in TV shows and movies

Who Are Andrew Santino’s Influences?

Andrew Santino has identified some of the comedian role models whom he admires and emulates in his comedy work as; George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Bill Burr. For this reason, the show’s hosts, regarded as geniuses of humor, have influenced Andrew, his decision to be fearless while performing, and his ability to solve different tasks. These influences are seen in his stand-up comedies and podcasts, in which he covers various and, at times, sensitive topics.

  • Influenced by George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Burr
  • Sharp wit and fearless humor
  • Tackles diverse topics in comedy

Which Challenges and Triumphs he faced?

Overcoming Obstacles

Like many in the entertainment industry, Andrew Santino faced numerous challenges on his journey to success. The competitive nature of the industry, coupled with the pressure to innovate and entertain constantly, posed significant hurdles. However, Andrew’s resilience and determination enabled him to overcome these obstacles and achieve his goals.


Numerous achievements mark Andrew’s career. From his successful stand-up specials to his acclaimed roles in television and film, he has consistently demonstrated his talent and versatility. His podcasts have also earned him a dedicated following, further establishing his presence in the entertainment world.


What Are Andrew Santino’s Future Plans?

Andrew Santino has no specific plans in the next couple of years apart from adding more projects under the comedy, acting, and podcast niches. He has desired to do more stand-up comedy, other television and movie roles, and other podcasts. The commitment that he has for his music, coupled with the versatility implied by the shift in genres, is very encouraging for his fans.

  • Continue expanding career in comedy, acting, and podcasting
  • Perform more stand-up shows
  • Explore new TV and film roles


Q: How old is Andrew Santino?

A: Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983, making him 40 years old as of 2023.

Q: What is Andrew Santino’s net worth?

A: Andrew Santino’s estimated net worth is around $5 million.

Q: Who is Andrew Santino’s wife?

A: Andrew Santino is married, but details about his wife are confusing.

Q: What podcasts does Andrew Santino host?

A: Andrew Santino co-hosts “Bad Friends” with Bobby Lee and hosts “Whiskey Ginger.”

Q: What are Andrew Santino’s most notable TV shows?

A: Notable TV shows include “Dave,” “This Is Us,” “The Office,” and “Punk’d.”

Q: How tall is Andrew Santino?

A: Andrew Santino is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.




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