Snapped Garage Door Cable? What’s Wrong And How To Fix It

Snapped garage door cable? It’s likely that you’ll have to make an immediate trip to the hardware store and an enormous bill for repairs. Then there’s the stress you’re about to encounter if you need a new cable that’s not readily stocked. It’s not a problem but Gate Installation Temple City is here to assist you.

What Do Garage Door Cables Do?

There’s more happening inside the garage than you can see. Your garage door cables counterbalance the garage door while you open and shut it. The cable is connected to the pulley located on end of the garage doors. Another end connects to the spring at an angle and then it pulls up on the door when you let go of it. The spring will take over and will eventually release tension as the garage door opens completely.

How Can A Garage Cable For Doors Snap?

Because the cables are handling several hundred pounds load of your garage door, they may get worn out as time passes. Additionally, a poorly adjusted garage door cable might snap, or break entirely. Another reason is the pulley’s wear out, wear caused by fluctuations in temperature and stress throughout each day. It can also be damaged by rust, and corrosion.

While your garage door cable has a steel construction It is also flexible. It stretches over time but isn’t prone to breaking. If you keep your cables properly, then snapping is an unlikely occurrence. However, it can be a possibility without warning signals if you don’t maintain a regular schedule of inspections or have always run the cables just a bit length for your garage door size.

What are the warning signs of A Snapped Garage Doors Cable?

There are a few typical indicators of a snapped garage door cable, such as:

  • The door is stuck in one spot
  • Loud noises from the garage door as it moves it up or down
  • Uneven door movement during opening or closing

If you think you may have damaged garage door cable contact a professional Electric Gate Operator Repair in Temple City immediately. Using your garage door with a broken cable can cause injury or harm.

How do I open my Garage Door with a broken Cable?

Although it’s possible to unlock a garage door in the event that your cables snap, it isn’t advised. If you have to unlock your garage door in the event of an emergency, use the following steps:

  • Disconnect your garage door opener and the door by using the cord for emergency release.
  • Make use of the handle at the bottom of the door in order to manually unlock it
  • Keep the door open in place with a vice grip or clamp

Be aware, however, that the garage door is extremely heavy and may cause injuries or damage by reckless handling. The cable can also break completely and cause severe harm to your family or any other people in the vicinity. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Call a professional Electric Gate Repair in Temple City immediately.

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