Seven Most Favorite Mediterranean Kitchen Design Elements

Whether you love the idea of spending summers basking in the sun on the Mediterranean or it’s still a place to visit on your bucket list, it’s not a surprise that the Mediterranean style is now making into kitchen styles. With its vibrant colours and distinctive textures, you can customize your kitchen into a space designed solely for your family and you. If you are looking to get kitchen renovation services in Oakland, CA then no look further than Oakland Reliable Kitchen Remodeling. Their company offers the Best Kitchen Renovation in Oakland, CAHowever, combining the vibrant patterns and colors could be more challenging than it appears, which is the reason we’ve created the following list of our seven most loved Mediterranean design elements that can make the process of planning a little easier.

Bold Colors

One of the most distinctive features of a Mediterranean kitchen design is the usage of bright colors that are used throughout the space to create an eclectic aesthetic. The natural way to weave vivid shades of greens and teal blues in contrast with earthy reds, deep yellows, and earthy tones, the colors of the Mediterranean will surely enthrall both you and your guests. The best part about the bold use of color is that there aren’t specific rules to adhere to when creating the perfect kitchen. If you’re looking to create an eclectic background of colors for your kitchen’s cabinets, there’s no need to settle for a neutral color palette. From the main design elements such as cabinets and backsplashes, to smaller elements like rugs and glassware There are many ways to integrate a myriad of terracotta tones, ocean blue hues, and other striking colors.

Natural Elements

Instead of a cookie-cutter kitchen with white countertops and white kitchen cabinets and white subway tiles The Mediterranean design combines not only bold color choices but natural elements for an air of personality and appeal. It is worth considering hardwood floors in natural wood shades, and paired beautifully with natural light and an original backsplash by handpainted tile. Finding ways to add in earthy design elements is the perfect way to elevate your Mediterranean kitchen style.

Tile Backdrop

Like most kitchen designs, tiles can be used to create a stunning feature for kitchen backsplash. In more modern kitchens, there’s a good chance of finding beautiful glass or subway tiles, whereas an Mediterranean kitchen will typically use mosaic tile or terra-cotta. Think of your kitchen’s backsplash as an additional way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you opt for hand-painted tiles featuring intricate designs, arrange your tiles in a unique pattern, or choose an appealing color, there are many ways to create a focal point for your tile backsplash. You can also opt to go with a traditional Mediterranean design that includes mosaics arranged in intricate designs which depict the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean like the seascape.

Wood Furniture

The Mediterranean aesthetic is about the use of weathered, natural materials that are beautiful and charm, as opposed to traditional or contemporary kitchen design elements. Find ways to include wooden pieces that have weathered appearance and are unique in your kitchen to focus on the relaxed character of the Mediterranean. Look into incorporating wood barstools that are in their natural, unfinished state or open shelving made from pieces of weathered wood into the space. If you’re not a big fan of wood with a natural appearance or wood, you could opt to paint the pieces with Mediterranean shades to bring more color to the space. Kitchen Custom Cabinets Refacing in Oakland, CA are the best way to get a new look without spending thousands of dollars. Their professional cabinet refacers will transform your old cabinets into Beautiful Custom Cabinetsthat will last for years. 

Charming Lighting

While lighting might not appear as an essential component of design, it could be the difference between success and failure in your Mediterranean style if it is not handled right! Instead of opting for traditional lighting for recessed areas, we love the idea of installing an iron chandelier that is wrought in a gorgeous bronze tone above the kitchen island for an accent piece that is like a piece of antique charm. Along with the wrought-iron chandelier, it is possible to install the wrought iron pendant lighting which are a perfect match with the chandelier but add in their own flair to your kitchen’s tasks and accent lighting. If you are looking to update your old kitchen lighting then you’ve come to the right place. Reliable Kitchen Remodeling are a team of professional Kitchen Lighting Update Oakland that can help you with all your needs. Their services include everything from installation and replacement, to repair and maintenance. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, they will be able to provide the best solution for it.


A Mediterranean kitchen design isn’t dull at all. It gives off a rustic and earthy vibe to make you feel as that you’re in the natural world. To give this feeling of unmatched elegance, Mediterranean styles incorporate a diverse range of textures that are used throughout the interior, from plaster-finished interior walls, mosaic backsplashes to Terra cotta tile countertops. The use of textures creates movement in the space which can draw your attention to the room to take in each piece individually and as a whole. Find ways to boost the old-world charm aesthetic by incorporating texture in multiple parts of your kitchen design.

Architectural Charm

While straightlines and clean lines are typically the sought-after style in kitchens of all kinds, Mediterranean kitchens seem to have a mind of their own! In addition to the unique texture and colors, you’ll also find sleek and swooping architectural designs, unlike anything you’ve seen before. These beautiful curves aid in tying the whole space together by creating a fluid space and creating a soft style.

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