Ride Safe with These 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle can be risky. But, you can ride the open road comfortably by taking motorcycle safety seriously. Before starting your engine, consider the dangers and injuries that could be incurred while operating a motorbike. In cases of motorcycle crash accidents, you can file a lawsuit to compensate for the damages. The experienced and professional lawyers at Motorcycle AccidentLawyers Atlanta will get you through the Motorcycle Crash Claim, making sure you get your justified compensation.

The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be life-threatening or even fatal. The majority of injuries occur to the legs or feet, but around 22 percent of people who suffer injuries are suffering from serious neck, chest, and head injuries. Common injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Trauma to the pelvis and the torso
  • Leg, foot, and arm injuries. leg injuries to the legs, feet, and arm
  • Road dangerous

Georgia is ranked 18th across the country for the highest proportion of motorcycle-related deaths. Between 2014 and 2018, 10.5% of all car-related injuries in Georgia were caused by motorcyclists. It’s important to understand that riding a motorbike is risky and should be done cautiously and with caution. The following tips from an Accident Attorney Atlanta will help you stay safe while taking riding on your motorcycle.

1. Pick The Right Ride

Not all motorcycles are created identically. Also, not all motorcycles will perform for you. Be sure to know the size and speed you are comfortable with. If you can’t rest both feet flat on the floor sitting, your bike isn’t large enough. Your bike must be light enough that you can maneuver it with ease, and the controls and handlebars should be easily accessible. In addition, you should get anti-lock brakes. It is 37% less likely to get into a fractal crash if you’re motorcycle has anti-lock brakes.

Even if you take precautions, you can still get injured in a motorbike crash. If this happens, make sure to get in touch with Personal Injury Lawyers Atlanta. Our personal injury lawyers will give you personal attention and fight relentlessly to defend your rights.

#2: Motorcycle Safety Course

If you’ve not ridden any kind of motorbike previously, or it’s been a long time make sure your experience and capabilities are at standards before you go out on the road. The dealership you buy your motorcycle from, or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will provide a safety course. When you have completed a course, you could be eligible for a reduction on the insurance you purchase for your motorcycle.

After taking a motorcycle safety course, test the lessons you have learned in low-traffic areas. Train to ride safely in risky situations like extreme winds, wet surfaces, or uneven surfaces.

#3: Don’t forget to wear The Right Gear

If you’re not wearing the correct equipment, riding a motorbike is risky. In addition, ensure that you have the right helmet. Helmets can save lives. When you’re not wearing a helmet, it’s 40 percent more likely that you’ll be the victim of a fatal head injury.

It is also imperative that you protect your eyes. Pick a helmet with an eye visor, or buy a pair of goggles. In either case, you must be certain to shield your eyes from the sun and debris riding the bike. By doing this, you can ensure that you feel comfortable and safe behind the steering wheel of a motorcycle.

#4: Inspect Your Motorcycle

Before starting the engine, ALWAYS examine your bike to make sure it’s safe to ride. Check to see if the lights, horn, and signals are in good working order. Verify the chain, belt, and shaft, making sure everything is working in perfect order. And finally, inspect the tires for wear and tear as well as the proper pressure. The dangers of riding a motorbike are high and you shouldn’t add danger by failing to inspect your bike before hitting the road. A simple check could save your life or prevent serious injuries.

#5: Make Sure You Check the Weather and Conditions

Whenever possible, avoid riding when riding in dangerous conditions. But the odds are you’ll encounter difficult conditions from time to some point. It is crucial to know the things you are able to and cannot manage.

The first few moments of a rainstorm are the riskiest. If you’re not able to ride in the rain, try to avoid riding at the beginning of a storm. Rain can reduce visibility dramatically and loosens your tire control on roads. If you find yourself riding in the rain make sure you are gentle on the brakes and stay clear of sudden movements. Wet leaves, sand, and pebbles can also cause the motorcycle to slide down or slide like rain.

If you’re riding in conditions that are windy, get to the side of the road whenever possible. Always be aware of bumps and potholes.

#6 6: Be Smart

Everyone’s mind wanders while driving, especially on the open road. Riding a motorcycle requires greater focus and attention. Make sure your attention is on the road.

Contrary to what people might tell you, it is more prudent to be defensive when driving. Car drivers are responsible 60 percent of the time in crashes with motorcycles. It’s crucial to be seen so that drivers see you, particularly when they change lanes. So make sure you aren’t riding in someone’s blind spot and stay within the center of your lanes.

The most important thing is to be obvious and to never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A motorcycle ride is risky and doing it under the influence of drugs or alcohol is reckless and makes it much more likely that you’ll experience a fatal or severe injury.

#7: Get Insured

The first six suggestions are vital. But even if you’ve taken all the precautions mentioned the dangers of motorcycle accidents could still happen. Making sure you have the proper insurance will make it easier. Similar to many other states, Georgia has a requirement for liability coverage at a minimum. Particularly, Georgia requires:

  • $25,000 liability insurance per individual for injuries or death;
  • $50,000 in insurance per accident resulting in injuries or death or death
  • $25,000 in property damage liability insurance per accident.

If you operate a motorbike without the required insurance, the state may revoke or suspend the motorcycle registration.

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