Motorcycle Accidents and Contributory Negligence

Alabama is among only a handful of states that adhere to what’s known as the “pure contributing negligence” rule. This law makes it challenging for those who have been injured by accidents to obtain the money they require to get back to their lives. If you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident and the other person claims it was your fault, it is best to make contact with Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Northport as early as you can.

What Contributory Negligence Rule can affect your Claim

In Alabama the contributory-negligence law can prevent the payment of any kind in the event of an accident, if your negligence has contributed to the incident by any means. For instance, if you were hit by a vehicle that ran at a red light, your speed speeded could prevent you from being compensated for your injuries as well as other expenses. It is evident that this is an extremely harsh outcome.

If the accident was caused by any reason that is not in accordance with the standards of safety for roads that are set for automobiles, you may bring a lawsuit for a road-related accident. With the help of the lawyers from Accident Lawyer Northport you could get a fast car accident Lawsuit. You can get the right settlement for the damage resulted from the car incident in Northport. The skilled Car Accident Lawyers Northport will guide you through the process of a car accident fully, and remain with you throughout the legal procedure.

Anti-Rider Bias?

Professionally trained and experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Northport frequently encounter prejudice against riders on motorcycles. A majority of people view them to be reckless and unreliable and believe riding a motorbike to be a risk in itself. This is why witnesses, insurance adjusters, juries and judges are more likely to conclude that the driver was at the very least accountable for the crash. If you’ve suffered injuries in a motorbike incident, the bias may make it difficult for them to get over and result in denial of claims.

Commonly used examples of contributory negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

Although many contributory negligence claims have no merit however, there are some actions that motorcyclists regularly do which could raise the issue. Motorcycle Accident Lawyers from Northport take on several cases that deal with the following:

  • Speeding
  • In the traffic
  • Riding after consuming alcohol
  • Insecure lane changes or vehicles in dangerous circumstances
  • Wearing a helmet, or any other gear to protect yourself

If you did one of these activities prior to the accident, that doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless.

What Motorcycle accident lawyers from Northport can help

Motorbike Accident Lawyers Northport assist injured motorcycle riders by providing the following services:

  1. They combat and override the bias against motorcyclists that many victims of accidents experience. This involves meticulously documenting your riding experience as well as your driving history and everything you do regularly and did during the time to be able to safely ride.
  2. They must be able to prove that you were operating in a negligent manner. Contributory negligence is is known in the context of an “affirmative defense” in which the defendant has to prove the negligence. It’s not enough to assert that your negligence contributed to the incident. You must also present evidence to disprove the claims when evidence is available.
  3. They need proof that your actions contributed to the accident. Even if your negligence was not the cause and the other party is required to prove that the negligence caused the accident. With the example above it is possible that the fact that you were going at least 5 or 10 miles an hour in excess of the speed limit could not matter if the other driver had through a red light.

Bus Accidents Lawyers Consultation in Northport

If you are looking for the top bus accident lawyer consultation in Northport Accident Lawyer Attorneys Northport is the ideal law firm. With Accident Lawyer Attorneys Northport the accident lawyers take on the responsibility of guiding you in the right direction legally. Accident lawsuits can help you get compensation for the harm caused by the accident. When it comes to bus accidents and injury, Bus Accident Attorneys Northport will ensure that you receive the correct sum of money. The lawyers of Accident Lawyer Attorneys Northport are dedicated and will ensure that you get justice on time.

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