Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents can cause severe injuries and damage on the vehicles involved in an crash. In this article the Truck Accident Lawyers Gadsden of our firm in Gadsden have identified the most frequent reasons for truck accidents as well as what you should do in the event that you’re involved in the crash. 

Many people do not know what the root causes of their accident were or that the accident was the result of inattention on the part the driver who caused the accident. It can result in injury and damages which could have been prevented. If you had more knowledge about the most frequent reasons for truck accidents and ways to avoid these from happening again next time. 
If you’re involved in a collision with a truck due to the negligence by the truck driver, it’s your right compensation for the hurt and suffering you’ve suffered.

Mechanical Failure

A mechanical issue is the most frequent reason for truck-related accidents. If the brakes on a truck fail, for instance it could not be able stop before time, thereby avoiding an accident. If the tires fail and the truck is unable to stop, it could veer towards traffic that is coming up. Mechanical failures can result in the trailer separating from its truck. This could be extremely dangerous. Its weight detachment trailer, when combined with the force of the truck that is still attached to it could result in catastrophic injuries in the event that it hits an other vehicle or a structure such as a utility pole.


Drivers who sit behind their wheels for lengthy periods of time have a higher chance to be asleep at the wheel or make blunders that can cause accidents. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving an automobile, it’s vital to talk to Car Accident Lawyers Gadsden who can help determine if fatigue played a role in the accident.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the main reason behind truck crashes. It could be things ranging from texting and driving to eating while driving. If truck drivers aren’t attentive to their surroundings and the road, it is more probable that they cause an accident. If you’ve been involved injured in an accident caused by the driver of a truck who is distracted and are injured, you could be eligible for compensation for the injuries you sustained. Contact Bus Accident Lawyers Gadsden and seek the help of a lawyer to be awarded the money you need.


As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the speeding of trucks is among the leading reasons for accidents involving trucks. Indeed, speeding was the main cause in nearly 30% of large-truck accidents. Speeding can increase the risk of losing control over the truck, as making it harder to stop it quickly if accidents do occur. If you’ve had to deal with the event of a truck crash due to the speed of your vehicle, it’s crucial to consult Accident Attorney Gadsden for personal injuries who will help you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

Cargo is overloaded Cargo

If a truck is carrying an excessive amount of weight, it becomes difficult to manage which can lead to grave accidents. If you’ve been involved in an accident that was caused by the heavy cargo. A personal injury lawyer will assist you in obtaining the amount of compensation you’re entitled.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck because of the negligence of the driver, you should contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury and discuss your situation.

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