How To Unlock A Car Door Without a Key Manually

The realization that you’ve locked your keys in your car isn’t enjoyable, particularly when you’re behind. Luckily, the latest cars make it much harder to get them out. However, if you’re sitting outside your locked vehicle and your keys are sat within the cup holder, these tips are a great idea.

Before you send to your customers the “locked key in the car” SOS message, be aware of how to unlock a car door without a key by using these three methods.

1. How to open car door without keys manually

The first thing to do is find a small long rod, the more thin the better, but it needs to be hard enough. It is crucial to ensure the rod’s size enough to fit through the door and long enough for it to be able to access the lock. If you can’t seem to locate anything that is suitable an existing coat hanger, then a coat hook or a car antenna might be an option. Then, you can bend the rod’s end to bend the rod into an hook.

You will need an edging device to create a gap in the door. It is possible to use pieces of wood that have sharp edges or similar. Place this object in the slot until you are able to insert your fingers into the slot to expand the gap.

To minimize the damage to the paint of your car You can use an afghan or soft piece of paper onto this wedge-like item.

After you have created enough space, you can set the rod or stick to the right of the locking mechanism on the door. It might take several tries, depending on your creativity.

2. How do you unlock the automatic car door with no key from the inside

This depends on whether the automatic door latch is located in the panel that controls the door or the interior side of your car door. If the latch is located right under the car window this method is similar as breaking the lock manually. If you lock is not working and your want to install a new lock, then contact to Locksmith Order who have years of experience in the field of Lock Installation, install the  Locks made by the leading manufacturers in the industry and will never compromise on quality. Once you have chosen your locks, trained and licensed locksmiths will perform the installation.

3. How do you break electronic locks from the outside

In some situations it is possible to unlock the doors from outside can be faster and less difficult. However, this method is not recommended for auto-lock doors or windows that are electric as it may greatly damage the electrical wirings that are typically fixed under the car door from the inside.

For this method, you’ll need to create a tool, preferably hanging rod or a straight, long , piece of metal that has one end bent into a hook.

We’ll begin with how to open a vehicle without a key by using this tool. Move it along at the base of glass, through the car’s door most likely the passenger door to avoid any damage to the electrical wires. It is possible to take off the black weather stripping from the outside of the window to make it simpler.


Unlock the door with the hook. The mechanism for locking is typically located just below the hatch, so you must slide the device towards the lock and slowly pull it up once you feel the key has been hooked. It may take several attempts due to the fact that some locks require you to be pulled back towards at the rear of your vehicle instead of forwards.

4. How do you break into the trunk

If you have somehow got the trunk open however the door is locked as the key is in the cabin, you must take this route.

Open the trunk first, then search around for the trunk cord which can be opened to the cabin. As the name implies, this is an open trunk cord that will open from the inside during an emergency.

Once the back seats are unlocked Push them forward in order to create space. After that you’ll be able to climb inside the vehicle and open the passenger door in the back.

Another common situation motorists often be faced with is the steering wheel accidentally locked when the engine is shut down. If you’ve been in this situation and had no idea what to do then read our fast and easy tutorial on unlocking your wheel.

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