How to Laptop Hardware Upgrades

It is an important decision to decide whether you want to upgrade or buy a new Laptop Hardware Upgrades. A laptop is an indispensable tool for most people, both for work and play. So speed and memory are important.

Although conventional wisdom might be to buy a new one, making small changes or replacing parts can save Yep Computer Repair a lot of money and give them a few more months to wait. Best time to buy a brand new laptop.

Whether you want faster graphics, more RAM, or better processing power, this is what you should know before your Upgrades Laptop Hardware.

  • Upgrades can cause the warranty to be voided
  • This is not for the faint-hearted.
  • All components cannot be replaced.
  • Upgrades can cause damage to your laptop

Can you upgrade a laptop processor?

Let’s get to the main question. We hate to break the news but in most cases, you cannot upgrade your laptop’s processor. Although there are laptops that have interchangeable processors, these are difficult to find and are very expensive.

Most processors are embedded directly into the motherboard. This presents a problem for the average user as they will need to take out the CPU and replace it with a newer model. If your processor is removable, you will need to ensure it fits into the same socket as the motherboard and can communicate with the new CPU.

The product specification page for Yep Computer Repair desktop computers will tell you which processors work with your network. Although this does not answer the laptop question, it is clear that processing power is locked in…permanently.

Is your laptop too slow?

It could be normal wear and tear. If your laptop moves slower than usual, this could indicate that it is experiencing some issues. There are some things you can do that will make your computer run faster than it did when you first got it out of its box.

Check how much space you have. If your hard drive is full, it can cause problems with opening files or programs.

You could also have a problem with RAM, which is required to run your software. Although RAM will not solve all speed issues, it can help reduce the load on your CPU and make your processing faster.

Start by upgrading your RAM

Many laptops let you upgrade your RAM or memory by attaching a stick to a storage compartment. You can purchase new memory from either an authorized dealer or directly through the PC manufacturer. Sometimes, compatible memory sticks from third-party manufacturers are available that can be used with different notebooks.

Most laptops manufactured by Yep Computer Repair are designed to be opened with a Phillips screwdriver. This allows the user to easily add or upgrade computer memory. Some computers have soldered the device shut, making it difficult to add or upgrade memory. We’ve created a guide to installing RAM in a Yep Computer Repair laptop. However, we recommend double- and triple-checking any unit before you commit to one.


Best Laptop hardware Upgrade

Consider upgrading your laptop’s hard drive

Most manufacturers allow the current hard drive to be replaced by one with more storage. This will depend on how much storage you need.

A 480GB Flash Drive can be as high as $400 or $500, while a 1TB hard drive is only $50 or $100. Laptops make it simple to replace your hard drive. Most laptops have a compartment for the hard drive.

An external hard disk is a popular choice for many users. It can be plugged into the USB port and you can get going. You can also continue to use it even if you buy a new laptop.

Upgrade to an upgraded operating systems

You don’t have to buy a new laptop in order to upgrade to the latest operating system. Although more recent laptops have a newer OS, you can usually install it with little effort.

If your computer is still running Windows 8 on your laptop, you will need to delete it and install Windows 10. Once you have enough space, confirm the download. Sometimes, the update might not be supported by enough RAM.

You should be able to replace your RAM if you have more RAM. If you are downloading the OS to increase your processing speed, it may be worth looking at a new laptop that has a faster CPU.

Upgrading your graphics card

Many people are interested in learning how to upgrade their laptop graphics cards (GPU). This is often done within the context of gaming. Your GPU is soldered to the motherboard and can be difficult to replace.

There is an easy way to increase your graphics capabilities. You can buy a Hardware Installation & Repair external unit that plugs into your USB port. This will improve your graphics output and allow you to add a second screen to complement your laptop screen.


Top Rated Laptop Hardware Upgrade

You can add a CD/DVD to your computer.

Streaming has made discs less popular than they used to be. Therefore, most laptops with newer processors don’t have a built-in disc drive.

An external optical drive is available if you want to play a game you loved from years ago or just occasionally watch DVDs. This is one of the easiest upgrades that you can do. All you have to do to make it work is to plug the USB cable into the drive.

How to Laptop Hardware Upgrades for gaming

In most cases, it is not possible to upgrade the graphics card of your laptop for a better experience. The majority of laptops today have an integrated graphics card, which is soldered to the motherboard. This allows for very little customization.

There are many ways to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Clean your laptop physically. Dirt and dust can cause your computer to heat up.
  • Defragment your hard drive: Although Windows automatically defragments your files, it is worth checking manually.
  • Make certain DirectX is current: To potentially get better performance from your gaming-related hardware, you can run a Windows Update.
  • You can overclock your graphics card by using tools. This tool includes a hardware monitor that allows you to monitor system stability. Be cautious. Overclocking can increase the chance that your computer will overheat, and shut down, and that is not exactly what you want. You should also be cautious as it may void your manufacturer’s warranty.
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