How To Avoid A Cracked or Damaged Drain Pipe

A damaged or cracked drainage pipe within any neighborhood could be a major issue especially in Dubai. Many homeowners overlook this issue until it’s late. At first, a broken or damaged drainpipe might seem like no big problem. But, as time passes the damage will get much more severe. If you don’t address the issue the issue will only get worse and eventually cause a total failure of the pipeline.

If you notice cracks or damages within your drain pipe, it’s crucial to act immediately. However, the process can be made simpler if you’re in a position to prevent the issue completely. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid a damaged or cracked drain pipe by taking simple precautions. A sewer camera inspection is beneficial. DrainPro can help you 24 Hour Plumber in Dubai. In other situations these tips below may be helpful.

What is the definition of a Drain Pipe and where is it located?

A drain pipe can be described as a pipe used to eliminate any sewage from your house. It’s usually located beneath the plumbing fixtures and connects to bigger trunk drains. The drain trap, also known as P-trap is a curved part inside the drain pipe which holds water to form an impermeable seal against sewer gasses. The drain trap underneath the sink could be thin and made from either plastic or metal.

What is the most likely cause of damage in the Drain Pipe?

As time passes your drain pipe could be damaged by corrosion or leaks, separations, or any other causes. It could be due to the drain trap not holding water or the pipe itself might be damaged or cracked. Many homeowners believe that using an electric snake is the best method to unblock a drain, it can result in more damage to the pipe. Another option is to flush out the clogs with the use of a drain bladder, water jet or pressure. Naturally, when the drain pipe is totally damaged, it should be replaced as quickly as it is possible.

DrainPro offers comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services using high-pressure water jetting units that are built into our vans. They also offer a preventative drain maintenance program that ensures the drains are always working at their optimum efficiency and reduces the risk of disruptive and expensive Drain Blockages & Sewer Blockages occurring. They provide our professional drain cleaning and maintenance services throughout UAE.

The intrusion of trees is a regular reason for the damage caused to pipes for drains. The roots of trees can invade your sewer pipe and break or even block it. This could lead to the back-up of sewage inside your home and serious damage to your pipes. To prevent this from happening problem, it is essential to check your pipes regularly to check for the presence of tree root. It is tempting to cut, rip or blow out root blockages but this could result in more damage the pipe. A better option is to employ chemical treatments that will eliminate the roots, without damaging the pipe. However, it is recommended to do these treatments before the roots are able to cause serious damage and obstruction.

Things to be Watchful for

If you find the drain catch appears old or worn, or if you see water leaking from it, it is best to replace it as soon as you can. A broken drain pipe can result in serious issues including sewage spilling in your residence. Sewage leaks can pose danger to your health and cause the creation of a foul odor inside your home. Additionally, it could cause damage to your foundation and trigger the growth of mold.

It is essential to get an experienced plumber look over and fix any damage to the drain pipe as fast as you can. If you suspect there is a problem with your drain pipe, it’s essential to repair it or changed as quickly as you can in order to prevent more harm on your property.

Four Steps to Preventing Damage or Cracks in a Drain Pipe

Your home is home to a variety of plumbing fixtures and pipes. Some of them are obvious, like those that are in your bathroom and kitchen However, others are hidden behind walls. When you encounter problems with your drains the first thing that comes to mind is to get the issue addressed as fast as you can. However, sometimes , taking quick actions could cause more harm than good. What should you be doing if you think you’ve got damaged or cracked drain pipe?

1. Beware of damage to your Sink Traps

In most cases, the sink trap is constructed from a thin walled material. As it ages and becomes corrosive the electric snake could easily penetrate the wall, causing that the catch to have to be repaired. In some cases, the trap in your sink could be constructed of PVC. If you bring an electrical snake in close contact with PVC plastic, it could be able to eat it up, or cause damage to the sink trap. The best solution for both of these situations is to physically remove the sink trap in order to clean it. This can eliminate any risk of damaging the trap, and it isn’t very time-consuming.

2. PVC Drain Piping

There are a variety of things you can take care of to prevent damage to the PVC drainage pipes including avoid using electric cable augers, power snakes and other equipment which can cause physical damage. PVC drain pipes are damaged due to the constant scraping of these devices. If you are using electrical power snakes, cable augers, or any other similar devices, you need to ensure that the end of the device is not directly in proximity to the pipeline since it could cause serious damages.

3. Older sewer Pipes along with Orangeburg Pipes

If you live in older homes It is likely that the sewer pipes you have are constructed from materials that are no currently used in construction. The materials, like Orangeburg pipes are more vulnerable to being damaged. As the pipes get older, they are more fragile and easily break or even collapse. It is crucial to use them to make sure that you don’t cause damage. A high-pressure water jet could easily cause harm to pipes. This is the reason it is crucial to have a skilled plumber check your pipe on a regular basis to ensure there isn’t any damage. Check your drains by using the aid of a sewer camera rather than using the pressure water jet that is high.

4. Porcelain Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures in porcelain can be damaged if not cautious. The blades of a sewer cleaner can cause cracks and chips in the porcelain fixtures. There are ways to place the blades in the sink, tub or toilet, without causing damage. In some instances there is a chance to cause cracks and chips but the likelihood be reduced. Be cautious when using these devices close to porcelain fixtures is the first step.

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