How Many Watts Does an Air Conditioner Use in Summer?

The summer season In Los Angeles, features hot and humid temperatures. It is essential to have a reliable cooling system to make your house cool and cozy. Air conditioners make use electric power to move heat away from your home. It’s crucial to know the power watts they consume since this number can have a significant impact on your electric bill and the carbon footprint of your home. The team at Los Angeles AC Repair Techs we believe in offering top quality AC Conditioning And Heating Services in Los Angeles, CA. Every one of their technicians who work as Air Conditioning technicians have the highest standards of education in the field, and can provide clients in AC Installation, Emergency Heating Repair and Emergency AC Repair in Los Angeles, CA. They will provide you with the best high-quality work that is that is possible. They are aware of how vital your home’s cooling and heating systems are for your family and you We will always try to keep them in top condition. We have HVAC technicians are always available to assist you, as we consider your safety and comfort to be our main priority.

Find out more about the typical power consumption for various types of air conditioners. Also, learn how to monitor watt usage, and the reasons your cooling system may suddenly begin using more power to cool your home.

What is an Watt?

A watt can be defined as 1 joule/second. It’s a measure of power transfer. When you look at your electricity bill, you’ll probably see the amount of your bill is for Kilowatts per Hour. Air conditioners utilize electricity to transfer heat away from your home. As heat is transferred from your home, humidity is absorbed in the cool air. The greater the capacity of cooling for your air conditioner the greater the energy it consumes.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioning is made to cool a small area. Many people utilize them to cool their bedroom in the evening. If you’re only looking to cool one area in your house windows, a window air conditioner can be an economical option. Many people also use them to cool areas in which there aren’t any air ducts. For instance, if you’ve just completed your attic space and converted it into a work space You may need an air conditioner for your windows to make it more comfortable during the summertime. A tiny window air conditioner which cools up 400 square feet uses 500 watts of power per hour. The large window units that can cool as much as 1,000 square feet of space consume approximately 1,400 watts in an hour.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are able to cool an entire area of your home. They can be transferred from one space to the next. But they will require an hose to drain the condensate. While portable air conditioners do not require ducts, they typically draw more power than central air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioners consume between 2,900 and 4,100 watts per hour.

If you’re finding yourself doing frequent repairs to the equipment, it could be more economical and less stressful replacing it with a brand new better, more robust central air conditioning system. AC Repair Techs have fully qualified technicians on call 24/7 to assist you with any urgent AC Repair in Los Angeles, CA. Their trucks are equipped with all the equipment and the necessary components to fix the client’s AC units right on the moment they need to repair it.

Mini Split and Ductless AC Systems

Mini-split air conditioners may also be known as zones cooling units. They comprise one outdoor unit, and at least four units indoors. Each indoor unit cools one zone. You can utilize any, two or all of them at once. Each zone can be set to an individual temperature. Mini-split air conditioners don’t require ducts. They require between 700 to 2,000 watts an minute of energy.

A ductless AC does not require the use of ducts. The systems comprise of one indoor unit, which is connected to an outdoor unit. They consume around two hundred watts of power per hour to cool the 2,000 square feet of a home. The ductless systems for cooling are typically utilized in older houses which don’t have air ducts. They can also be utilized for cooling home additions or new spaces like an attic, garage or basement.

Central Air Conditioners: Cooling Function

Central air conditioners require 1,000 watts for each tons of capacity for cooling. If you have a 2,000-square-foot house with ceilings of standard height it will require about 3.5 ton of cool power. The air conditioner’s capacity is approximately 3,500 watts of power per hour. If your home is built with high ceilings with two stories, lots of large windows, single-pane or double-pane windows with poor insulation, or a high amount in direct sun exposure you might require an air conditioner with greater capacity. A AC that has larger capacity will require more energy per hour.

Central air conditioners No Fan

Central air conditioners can also be set to an option to turn off the fan. If you set the thermostat at this setting the air conditioner will not start cooling cycles. However, it will continue to keep the fan of the air handler running. The fan of the air handler will circulate air throughout your home. The air goes through the filter of your air conditioner. This improves the quality of your air but won’t alter the humidity or temperature inside your house. Some homeowners prefer to turn their air cooling systems on this setting during the evening hours. If the central air conditioner is set to a fan-only mode it consumes around 500 watts per hour, regardless of the capacity of its cooling. For comparison, a 42-inch ceiling fan consumes approximately 800 watts of electricity.

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Why Watt Usage Matters

The usage of Watts is crucial as your electricity provider will bill you according to the amount of kilowatts of electricity that you consume. If your air conditioner begins running at a higher watt your electric cost will rise. If you’re worried about the magnitude of the carbon footprint your home has there’s another reason why watt consumption is important. homes that rely on batteries and solar power will also require careful monitoring of the power consumption of an air conditioner.

How do you track the Watts Consumption of your Air Cooler

There are a few methods to monitor the power consumption of your air conditioner. If you own a smart electrical meter, you could keep track of the numbers throughout an air conditioning cycle. It will reveal how much power the system consumes per minute. It is also possible to use the smart thermostat, and download the application. The app offers comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption of the air conditioner and cooling cycles, as well as efficiency, system malfunctions and many more. It also lets you look at your electricity bills in comparison. For instance, take a look at your electricity bill for the month last year and then compare it to the same month this year. If the average temperatures for the month are similar however your electricity bill is much more expensive the past year, this may result from an electric rate increase or a decrease of effectiveness in the cooling system.

What is the reason that causes air conditioners to increase their power consumption?

If your summertime electric bill has suddenly increased your air conditioner is likely to be the reason. There is also an alert from your smart thermostat showing that the power consumption of your air conditioner has increased. If this is the case you can find a couple of reasons.

Inadvertently ignoring your mini-split or central cooling system’s annual maintenance can cause the system to lose efficiencyand raise the amount of energy used. If your air conditioner is running at a low rate, this could result in a higher use of watts. The higher watt consumption is due to the large electric consumption during the start of each cooling cycle. The increased watt consumption could also be caused by the fact that the Air filter has become dirty. Replace and clean the filter of your air conditioner at least once per month.

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