How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Georgia?

One of the biggest worries for employees is that they’ll get injured on the job. An injury can result in not being able to perform your work in a way that is safe or even miss time from working. Furthermore, you may be liable for medical bills or chronic pain.

Compensation for workers is required for employers that have greater than three workers. However, it’s not unusual for employers to try to limit the availability of this benefit.

If you require a workers compensation lawyer to assist you with your claim the knowledgeable team at Accident Attorney Savannah can help. Before we begin, let’s take an in-depth look at the definition of workers’ compensation, what it covers, and much more.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance plan that your employer pays into in case of accidents or injuries that occur on the job. All employers with three or more employees are required to contribute to workers’ compensation in the state of Georgia.

Laws governing Workers’ Compensation allows injured workers with access to rehabilitation and medical aid and income assistance when they are injured while at work. The benefits allow injured workers to return to their place of work. They also can be used when the worker was killed due to injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Savannah can assist with the process of filing a claim, and getting benefits, and work with insurance companies so you can concentrate on recovering.

What Does Workers Compensation Involve?

Workers’ compensation benefits comprise the following:

  • Any type of repetitive stress injury, like tendonitis for instance, may develop due to inadequate ergonomics in the workplace place of work.
  • Continuous medical treatment in cases where an injured employee has to undergo treatment for the course of a long period.
  • All missed wages, both present and future, in order to allow an employee to have time off to recuperate from their injuries. This type of allowance expires once the employee returns to the job.
  • Disability benefits for permanent and temporary disabilities in the event of a workplace injury that causes the disability.
  • Funeral and death benefits should the employee die as a result of the workplace incident. In Georgia, death benefits provide the dependents with two-thirds of the average weekly salary for the decedent.

How Do I File A Claim?

In Georgia The State Board for Workers’ Compensation manages all claims for workers’ compensation. Anyone injured in the state can call or write to this board to submit a claim. Once filed the board will look over the claim, ask for additional information if needed before making a final determination in the claim.

Although you can start a claim all on your own, it’s best to look for the assistance of a reputable workers’ compensation attorney to assist you with your case. Not only will a Auto Accident Lawyer Savannah with experience in workers’ compensation have years of experience submitting claims on behalf of their clients but they’ll also be able perform additional actions that you don’t know to do to maximize the value of your claim.

What are the benefits of Employing a workers’ Compensation Legal Professional?

One thing a worker attorney for compensation can do which you’re not able to will be conducting an investigation. An attorney is in a position to gather evidence that will argue your case in the most professional way, and fight for the most favorable benefits that are possible for you.

Furthermore the workers’ compensation attorney can work directly with the insurers on behalf of you. Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to fight the process of claiming workers’ compensation. When claims do go through, insurance companies try to cover the smallest amount of compensation that they can. If you make a claim on your own, you run the risk that your claim will be denied or receiving a minimal amount of benefits.

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Accident Lawyers Attorney Can Help

The lawyers of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Savannah are familiar with the details of the workers laws governing compensation. If you’ve encountered difficulties in any phase of the process of claiming they can assist you. They’re honored to provide assistance to the Atlanta region with our knowledgeable legal team for workers’ compensation.

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