[Free Methods] How To Recover Data from RAW Hard Drive

Have your hard drive or different storage devices suddenly stopped working and is marked as RAW? This is a common issue that can be caused by a variety of factors (bad sectors, viruses attacking or formatting error or formatting error, etc. ) however, it can be solved with a variety of options. If your PC (Personal Computer) is experiencing technical difficulties or the dreaded “bad sectors, viruses attacking or formatting error or formatting error“, then expertly trained techs at Computer Repair Dallas are ready to help you now. The article we’ll go over both paid and free methods you can employ to retrieve information from a drive that has been RAW as well as assist you in deciding which one is the best one for you.

What is an RAW Drive?

It is possible to think of that your drive is a cabinet that has multiple drawers each one filled with binder for documents. If you save a document in your drive it is automatically placed in the appropriate binder. This makes sure that every file has its home and can easily be found.

The system used to control the way information is saved and then retrieved is referred to as the file system. Some of the most commonly-used file systems include NTFS FAT, exFATand AFPS and ext4, to mention a few examples. Without a system for file storage, your hard drive would function similar to a cabinet that has no drawers and documents binder: all your files are stacked in one large pile which would make it difficult to identify the exact location of a particular file. in.

If a drive turns RAW, it’s like somebody took out every binder in a cabinet and threw all the documents in an unorganized pile. This is a bad thing since it means that you cannot access your data no longer. It’s a good thing that it’s possible to recover data from RAW drives. You only need to be aware of how to increase your chances of success in recovering.

Can You Perform RAW Drive Recovery without Data Loss?

It is possible to do RAW data recovery without loss of data, however it is important to be aware that certain actions could render your RAW hard drives unrecoverable. If you experience a Data Loss Emergency at Home or at Work, contact Almighty PC Repair for immediate Data Recovery in Dallas at your home or business. For superb Data Recovery Experts in the Dallas area, call them now. Recovering Lost Data with the latest Data Recovery Software available is what our computer-data recovery tech-firms do so well.

Here are some RAW drive recovery tips and don’ts:

  • Don’t format your hard disk Formatting a RAW hard drive won’t help in any way. It actually creates RAW recovery of files more difficult due to the fact that it destroys an original data system.
  • Do not write new data to an RAW hard drive Any attempt to write data onto a drive with no functional file system is almost guaranteed to fail. In fact, it could lead to an irreparable destruction of important files.
  • Do not use any random RAW drive recovery software: There are a variety of powerful software programs which you can utilize to easily retrieve files from an RAW drive, however there are also scam applications that will do more harm than good.
  • Do begin RAW recovering your disk as quickly as you can: The earlier you start the process of recovery the more likely to be able to retrieve your files.
  • Follow our directions If you’ve never successfully recovered RAW drives before then you shouldn’t try out solutions that might be ineffective or not. If you follow the steps in the next section in this post, you’re sure to successfully retrieve the maximum amount of files on an RAW hard drive as is possible.

How can I recover data from the RAW Drive?

The techniques you can employ to restore the RAW file system could be broadly divided into two types that are paid and free. Let’s have a look at the options so that you can have a wide range of choices.

The Free Method: TestDisk

Test Disk is a free and open-source software whose primary function is to retrieve partitions that have been lost and enable non-booting disks to boot again. It is useful when trying to retrieve data from an RAW hard drive or different storage device.

TestDisk is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux You can download it straight on its official site. The biggest drawback is the absence of a graphic user interface, however, the procedure is fairly simple when you follow the steps below.

to perform an RAW Disk Recovery Test Disk

  1. Launch TestDisk.
  2. Click”Create” to start a brand new log file.
  3. Choose the storage device that has the partition that was deleted.
  4. Choose the type of partition table.
  5. Enter the Enter to examine your current partition layout and look for partitions that are missing.
  6. Conduct an Quick Search for the deleted partition.
  7. (Optional) (Optional) Search to discover the partitions deleted that Quick Search was unable to restore.
  8. Write down the newly-created partition structures.

Have you had no luck using TestDisk? You should then consider the two methods that are paid to perform RAW recuperation of your drive.

Paid Method 1: Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a freemium data recovery program that can retrieve RAW files in just the click of a button. Although there are a few free RAW software for data recovery which offer similar functions but they fall short in terms of user-friendliness and performance.

With Disk Drill it is possible to restore any type of file from a RAW partition which includes images, documents audio, video, file archives, and much more. Disk Drill’s basic edition of Disk Drill allows you to show and restore up to 500Mb worth of recoverable files.

This is the method to retrieve information from the RAW drive using Disk Drill:

  1. Download and run Disk Drill for Windows.
  2. Choose the storage device with RAW and then search to find lost data.
  3. Use the filters for file formats on the left side to filter the scan results until you locate the file you’re searching for.
  4. Check the box next to the file, then click the blue Recover button at its end.
  5. Select the folder for recovery and select OK.

You can clearly see that RAW part recovery using Disk Drill is so straightforward that even beginners are able to do it without hesitation.

Paid Method 2. Professional Data Recovery Service

If the files on your RAW hard drive are important in your life, think about hiring a professional Computer Security Protection in Dallas to retrieve the files for you. This way, you don’t be at risk of making a rookie error and not being able to recover your files.

Many data recovery facilities offer the opportunity to test their services for free. Additionally, they only charge for the files they can actually recover, meaning there’s no need to worry about paying hundreds of dollars to no benefit. To begin it’s as easy as take your RAW drive and take it to the data recovery center that you prefer.

Which method should I choose?

This question will depend on two aspects that are your budget and the value you place on the data you lose. The two elements affect the method you select:

  • Value high, budget high = professional services for recovering data
  • Budget is low, but value is high = paid software for data recovery
  • Value low, budget low= free techniques

Overall, the paid Data Recovery software can be the ideal option for most users since it gives outstanding RAW recovery results and does not cost an excessive amount of money.

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