Do You Recommend Companies Use Ethernet or WiFi?

What’s the difference between a wired and wireless one? Are one of these internet connections better suited to your needs as a team than the other? In short there are plenty of decisions to take into consideration when investing in internet access for your company. These helpful tips from Emily Lugo, owner of Computer Repair Services Decatur, can help you decide whether to use Ethernet instead of WiFi corporate use.

What’s the difference between Ethernet as well as WiFi?

To put it in simple terms, Ethernet is wired, and WiFi, on the other hand, is wireless. As Lugo says, “the term Ethernet is generally used to describe a wired local area network. WiFi is a method for connecting to networks without cables.” Both of them connect you to the internet however, Ethernet connections are more secure. Ethernet connection requires a physical connection via Ethernet cables and ports. The WiFi connection requires no physical connection to a cable and connects users to the web with the wireless router and modem.

Is Ethernet More Secure Than WiFi?

If you’re worried about keeping your business data secure, Lugo recommends using an Ethernet connection rather than a WiFi connection to connect your workers to internet. “Both choices can be secured however it’s more challenging to secure a wireless network because it is more vulnerable to hacking. WiFi is susceptible to proximity hacks where the attacker is near but is not required to physically enter into the commercial space.”

In the event that you and your staff work remotely and use wireless connections, it’s essential to be aware of the network you choose to join, particularly if it’s a public one. It’s important to be aware that public WiFi connections are more susceptible to hacker attacks than wired or wireless networks. Therefore, if your employees decide to work remotely from their local cafe, be sure to adhere to security precautions when using public WiFi so that your data is secure. Almighty PC Repair can provide you licensed computer repair contractors to help you with a Range of Computer Networking Workers (certified technicians), many with certifications in multiple computer related venues. Helping you with well-managed Networking and Wireless Solutions Decatur is always the goal.

What are the benefits of using Ethernet instead of WiFi?

WiFi is the most popular choice for the 5 billion internet users, especially on mobile devices however that doesn’t mean it’s better. Bad WiFi signals could slow down your connections speed, and the connection may drop in the event that the network gets overloaded. Ethernet network adapters usually offer greater bandwidth, allowing greater space for data transfer. They also offer lower latency. While it’s still possible for an Ethernet connection to become overloaded, too, it’s not as likely.

In general, Ethernet offers a more robust and reliable connection. As Lugo reiterates, “Ethernet is generally capable of higher speeds and is less susceptible to interference and offers greater reliability.” While Ethernet cables hinder your ability to move your devices around, they also provide a more secure connection. Depending on the type of device you have it is a minimal cost to avoid security and connectivity issues.

Do you want to get your business connected? Check out these steps to determine the type of connection is best for your company. Call one of Emergency It Support Services in Decatur today to protect your company with our data and network security solutions.

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