Derrick Lewis: Knockouts, UFC Career, Early Life and Rise to Fame

Derrick Lewis is one of the fighters in the UFC, also famous for his nickname “The Black Beast,” he was born on February 7, 1985, in New Orleans, Louisiana. A single mother raised Lewis, who was one among seven children. Derrick Lewis is the second eldest boy, and he had a troubled childhood and used to get involved in street fights. Later 1998, things moved further, and Lewis and his family moved to Houston, Texas. Because Lewis started training in boxing at the age of 17 years, he was preparing for his first amateur fight when the gym closed down. Just after two weeks, when Lewis graduates from high school, he is involved in a case of aggravated assault.

Story after that, he was prosecuted and put on probation. Two years later, he was arrested for breaching his probation after getting a full football scholarship at Kilgore College and was given a five-year jail term, though he spent only three and a half years in prison. One week after getting out of prison, Lewis was taken by a friend to mixed martial arts, and while driving a tow truck, he resumed his boxing training under the trainer of George Foreman. After winning his first professional encounter in MMA, Lewis shifted his concentration to the UFC.

  • Born on February 7, 1985, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Moved to Houston, Texas, with his family in 1998.
  • I began boxing training at age 17 but faced setbacks.
  • Charged with aggravated assault shortly after high school graduation.
  • Sentenced to five years in prison, serving three and a half years.
  • He was introduced to MMA a week after his release from prison.
  • Continued boxing while working as a tow truck driver.
  • Committed to pursuing MMA professionally after initial success.


UFC Career and Record

What is Derrick Lewis’s UFC record and what makes him a feared competitor?

Derrick Lewis began fighting in UFC in 2014 after building more than a solid record in regional shows. Outspoken, Roundtree was well known for his size and knock out strength, coupled with agility, which was quite rare in a heavyweight fighter of his stature, Lewis was an instant favorite. His tireless finishing in the final rounds of the bouts have established him as one of the serious threats in the division.

  • Joined UFC in 2014, making an immediate impact.
  • Known for powerful striking and knockout victories.
  • Holds a notable record of wins and knockouts in UFC.

Derrick Lewis’s Fighting style

Derrick Lewis is gifted in his approach to fights which are quite aggressive due to his tremendous knockout power and striking techniques. He frequently implements his large striking attacks and ground and pound instinct to make a mess of his opponents. The major factor that cements his standing is his ability to punish his opponents when they least expect it with perfect shots that put Lewis at comfortable standing in the UFC heavyweight category. His asserting traits of not giving his fighters a chance to be countered and his ability to knock out his opponents have made him be among the most infamous strikers of the modern MMA.

Notable Fights and Knockouts


Which fights are Derrick Lewis most famous for and what are his key knockout moments?

Derrick Lewis is one of those fighters who gave many brutally vicious knockouts in the history of UFC. The fight against Alexander Volkov in 2018, which was his comeback knockout, left an unforgettable impression. Also, his fights with Francis Ngannou and Travis Browne have depicted that he can always shift the bearer of the fight by simply one punch.

  • Notable knockouts against top contenders.
  • Memorable fights against Francis Ngannou, Alexander Volkov, and Travis Browne.
  • Known for dramatic comebacks and finishing abilities.

Here’s Derrick Lewis’ professional MMA record breakdown:

  • Total fights: 41
  • Wins: 28
    • By knockout: 23
    • By submission: 1
    • By decision: 4
  • Losses: 12
    • By knockout: 7
    • By submission: 2
    • By decision: 3
  • No contests: 1

Personal Life and Family

Who is Derrick Lewis’s wife and how does he balance family life with his career?

He has been married to his girlfriend, with whom he had a relationship for several years, and has three children, two boys and one girl. Lewis was wedded to his wife in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 17, 2017. Family is one of the most important elements of Lewis’s life, and he frequently addresses his wife as well as children as the driving force behind him, inspiring him to work hard in the octagon. `Consider how often you get to spend time with your family; Lewis, who is a fully employed man, does his best to make sure that he masters work and family balance by ensuring that he involves his family in his line of work, which entails wrestling.

  • Married to April Lewis; values family life.
  • Balances professional fighting with family commitments.
  • Share personal moments on social media.

Derrick Lewis wife

Awards and Achievements

What awards has Derrick Lewis won throughout his MMA career?

Derrick Lewis has been awarded several Performance of the Night bonuses and Fight of the Night awards for his performance inside the octagon. The latter awards celebrate his fighting prowess, his keenness to rise to the occasion, and his enthusiasm to light up his audience with his tremendous fighting power.

  • Received Performance of the Night bonuses.
  • Honored with Fight of the Night accolades.
  • Recognized for his impact and entertainment value in MMA.


Current Status and Future

When is Derrick Lewis’s next fight and what can fans expect from him in the future?

In 2024, Derrick Lewis is still an active fighter in the UFC heavyweight division. He is also well-known for his toughness and his capability to put his opponent down, and thus, his fights draw lots of fans. With upcoming noteworthy encounters like those title bouts, Lewis strives to build even more dominance within the MMA world.

  • Continues to compete as a top UFC heavyweight.
  • Anticipated for his knockout power and exciting fights.
  • Future plans include pursuing championship opportunities.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

In August 2013, Derrick Lewis was set to fight against Nandor Guelmino at UFC Fight Night and then have a Fight with Kampmann for the second time, but he had to withdraw before the fight due to an injury.

Lewis vs. Jack May – A Strong Debut

Lewis eventually debuted on April 19, 2014, at UFC on Fox. The fight was Werdum vs. Browne, with Jack May. Here,g him. Here, he was able to triumph through TKO in the first round, and this was a perfect start to UFC.


Continuing Success in the Octagon

Victory Over Guto Inocente

In The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale on July 6, he fought Guto Inocente, then knocked out in the first round.

Challenges and Triumphs

There was some unfavorable change in his performance, and Matt Mitrione knocked him out in the first round of the UFC Fight Night 50. However, he was surprised in the first round by Ruan Potts at UFC 184 in February 2015, but he could get back at Potts by easily stopping him early in the fight via TKO.

Career Peaks and Defining Moments

Lewis vs. Travis Browne – Iconic Victory

PPV events can include events that happen every February, 2017, like the UFC Fight Night 105, where Derrick Lewis fought Travis Browne. KO’s winner of the fight of the night was Lewis, who emerged as the winner within the second round to win the battle.


Facing Mark Hunt and Beyond

KFS during the UFC Fight Night 110 in June 2017 when Lewis, the contender, faced Mark Hunt in a fierce fight that nonetheless concluded after the fourth round, with Mark Hunt declared the winner through TKO. Post-fight, he truly thought about retirement, but he did not retire and instead continued the fight.

Pursuit of UFC Gold and Challenges

Title Shot Against Daniel Cormier

In November 2018, Dominic Derrick competed against Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship title at UFC 230. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the submission of a rear-naked choke in the second round, making it his first-ever submission loss in the MMA.

Renewed Contracts and Continued Battles

After his title shot, Lewis signed a new UFC contract and faced top contenders such as Junior dos Santos and Blagoy Ivanov, where he received the ‘Fight of the Night’.

Recent Performances and Achievements

Setting Records and Notable Wins

Lewis is record-broken by securing most knockouts in the UFC heavyweight division. Another was when he triumphed over Marcos Rogério de Lima in the ‘UFC 291: Lewis vs. Gane event in a flying knee finish.

Recent Fights and Current Form

Derrick Lewis took on Rodrigo Nascimento in UFC on ESPN 56 on September 25th, 2024, and became the winner by TKO after the knockdown and following ground strikes in round 3.

To this date, Derrick Lewis has remained relevant in the UFC’s heavyweight category, with the reputation of being a knockout artist and withstanding most of the punishment given within the cage. Lewis came from a humble background and small beginnings; of course, he faced some losses at the start, but the story of his victory-filled rise to one of the true legends of boxing is a true classic filled with classic fights and never-say-die determination. Everyone looks forward to his upcoming bouts, as he is still a force to reckon with in MMA.


Social Media Presence

What is Derrick Lewis’s Instagram handle and how does he engage with fans online?

The Beast is also very engaged in his Instagram account (@thebeastufc), where he posts about his workouts, achievements, and family issues. Affectionately engaging his fans in usual and casual conversations, Lewis uses social profiles and internet platforms to establish a strong connection with his audience, which is why he enjoys high popularity among MMA lovers and other people.Specifically, the Beast UFC is present on Instagram (@thebeastufc) and communicates with the fans.Posts occasional training tips and snippets of their day.The show is popular for its comedy and use of real-life reflections on various platforms, such as social media.

  • Active on Instagram (@thebeastufc), engaging with fans.
  • Shares training insights and personal updates.
  • Known for humor and authenticity on social media.


Final Thoughts

Going through the real-life story of Derrick Lewis, from his childhood life in New Orleans to becoming a UFC fighter, makes a wonderful story full of inspiration. Sometimes, these challenges would have come and bowled him over, but the support of his family and fans has seen him rise and compete in one of the hardest games out there. As he continues to unleash pure power in the cage, impacting the lives of so many through Derrick Lewis’s tale, he will always go down in MMA as one of the most frightening fighters in the division.


Interesting Facts about Derrick Lewis:

  1. Humorous Personality: Derrick Lewis is always seen in his outrageous post-fight interviews, and he never fails to amuse fans and reporters.
  2. Six-Pack Journey: Hezbollah Lewis has also received accolades in recent years due to his chiseled body, especially the well-chiseled six-pack abs that most people can only dream of achieving.
  3. Manscaped Ambassador:  Derrick Lewis has partnered with Manscaped, a grooming company. He is an ambassador of the brand and encourages people to groom themselves.
  4. Fast Knockout Record: Lewis was a great fighter who entered the record books for the quickest knockout in the UFC heavyweight division by stopping Aleksei Oleinik in only 21 seconds.
  5. Charitable Contributions: In addition to the cage, Lewis participates in philanthropic work and funds projects related to young athletes and social facilities in New Orleans, the city he is from.


FAQs About Derrick Lewis


What country is Derrick Lewis from?

Derrick Lewis is a fighter from the United States of America, and he was born in New Orleans.

What is Derrick Lewis’s record in terms of knockouts?

Derrick Lewis has had many knockouts in his MMA career, indicating that he is a striker with great punching power.

What is Derrick Lewis’s height and age?

Derrick Lewis is a fighter with a reach of 78 inches. He was born on 7 February 1985 and is 39 years old.

What is the total number of bouts that Derrick Lewis has had in MMA?

For the record, Derrick Lewis has fought in many MMA matches and has emerged as the winner in most of them through knockouts.

When is Derrick Lewis’s next fight?

To learn more about Derrick Lewis’s upcoming fights, one will have to wait for UFC news or follow the fighter on social media platforms.

Derrick Lewis’s Old fight chart

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 28–12 (1) Rodrigo Nascimento TKO (punches) UFC on ESPN: Lewis vs. Nascimento May 11, 2024 3 0:49 St. Louis, Missouri, United States Extended UFC record for most knockout wins (15)
Loss 27–12 (1) Jailton Almeida Decision (unanimous) UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs. Lewis Nov 4, 2023 5 5:00 São Paulo, Brazil
Win 27–11 (1) Marcos Rogério de Lima TKO (punches) UFC 291 Jul 29, 2023 1 0:33 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Performance of the Night; Extended UFC record for most knockout wins (14)
Loss 26–11 (1) Serghei Spivac Submission (arm-triangle choke) UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivac Feb 4, 2023 1 3:05 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss 26–10 (1) Sergei Pavlovich TKO (punches) UFC 277 Jul 30, 2022 1 0:55 Dallas, Texas, United States
Loss 26–9 (1) Tai Tuivasa KO (elbow) UFC 271 Feb 12, 2022 2 1:40 Houston, Texas, United States
Win 26–8 (1) Chris Daukaus KO (punches) UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Daukaus Dec 18, 2021 1 3:36 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Broke UFC record for most knockout wins (13)
Loss 25–8 (1) Ciryl Gane TKO (punches) UFC 265 Aug 7, 2021 3 4:11 Houston, Texas, United States For interim UFC Heavyweight Championship; Fight of the Night
Win 25–7 (1) Curtis Blaydes KO (punch) UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Lewis Feb 20, 2021 2 1:26 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Performance of the Night

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