Anna Leigh Waters: Rising Star of Pickleball and Her Journey to Get Fame

Anna Leigh Waters is a name that will soon ring a bell in pickleball. Anna Leigh, the young rider, who has just started to conquer the arenas, and the famous rider who has already achieved much. Therefore, this article is about her life, career, and hobbies to understand the basics and best elements of who she is as a sports personality. Learn more about Anna Leigh Waters’s success story, accomplishments, and growth potential.

Who is Anna Leigh Waters?

The pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters, is professional and very talented. Born on January 26, 2007, she became famous within a short time in the game to fans and viewers of the sport. Anna Leigh Waters is the best young pickleball player. She became a professional player when she was only 11  years old. Now, at the age of 16, she is recognised as the world number one in women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles categories. Despite only being coached by her mother, Leigh, Anna Leigh reigned supreme over the professional tour in 2023, winning only three matches throughout the year. Apart from basketball, she is also interested in cooking and dressing and works to complete her high school studies.


  • Birthdate: January 26, 2007
  • Age: 17 years old (as of 2024)
  • Hometown: Delray Beach, Florida
  • Parents: Leigh Waters (mother)

How Did Anna Leigh Waters Start Playing Pickleball?


Anna Leigh Waters began participating in pickleball at the age that can hardly be considered suitable for a school child – 10 years old. It all started in Delray Beach, Florida, as her mother, Leigh Waters, took her to the sport early in her childhood. It all started as a simple, fun, family-focused activity, and soon Anna Leigh became interested. When she decided to devote time and effort to playing, she rapidly advanced and adopted it as her full-time occupation.

  • Age Started Playing: 10 years old
  • Initial Mentor: Leigh Waters (mother)

What Are Anna Leigh Waters’ Major Achievements?

Her list of achievements is wonderful, and Anna Leigh has already scored numerous titles in her activity. She enjoys different national and international tournaments and has won high places. However, she has mainly been good at partnering with Ben Johns, who has proved to be a good rival that challenges Symmetry to the next level. Her string of achievements speaks volumes, and she is well and truly in this bracket of the top tennis players of the modern age.

  • Major Titles: Multiple national championships
  • Notable Partners: Ben Johns, Christian Alshon


Awards/Achievement Dates
Forbes 30 Under 30 2022
Forbes 30 Under 30 (Youngest in Class) 2023
Youngest Professional Pickleball Player 2019 (at age 12)
Youngest Tournament Champion 2019 (at age 12)
# of Singles Titles 36+
# of Women’s Doubles Titles 31+
# of Mixed Doubles Titles 33+
Total Gold Medals 100+
PPA Tour Gold Medals (as of Oct 2022) 41 out of 45 Events (2.22 average per event)
PPA Tour Triple Crowns 24+ (Most in Pickleball History)
#1 World Ranking (Singles) As of October 2022 (likely still holds)
#1 World Ranking (Doubles) As of October 2022 (likely still holds)
#1 World Ranking (Mixed Doubles) As of October 2022 (likely still holds)
US Open Pickleball Championships – Women’s Doubles Pro Gold May 18, 2024
PPA Master’s Women’s Singles Gold Medal February 24, 2024
2021 Singles Titles Newport Beach Showcase, Orlando Cup, Texas Open
2021 US Open Bronze Medal (Singles)
2021 Acrytech Atlanta Open Silver Medal (Doubles), Bronze Medal (Mixed Doubles)
2021 Doubles National Championship Orlando Cup

What Paddle Does Anna Leigh Waters Use?

A significant factor that can undoubtedly pertain to Anna Leigh’s triumphs is the equipment that she used. She employs a particular paddle to improve performance within the confines of a court. Now, she is under Paddletek as a sponsor who is well-recognized by pickleball players and enthusiasts. The paddle she uses is explicitly called the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro paddle, and it is noted for its balance, which enables her to perform her best during the games.

  • Paddle Brand: Paddletek
  • Model Used: Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

How Much is Anna Leigh Waters  Net Worth?

As seen by her net worth, Anna Leigh Waters is among the most marketable personalities in pickleball. She has earned her money through tournament winnings, sponsorships, and endorsement contracts. As of 2024, her estimated worth is approximately $1 million.

  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 million (as of 2024)
  • Primary Sources of Income: Tournament winnings, sponsorship deals

What is Anna Leigh Waters’ Training Regimen?

Anna Leigh often practices her shooting and physical talents several times weekly to enhance her ability and quick thinking. Leigh Waters is her mother, and she trains her during her early stages of learning. This high-intensity and highly disciplined training helps keep Anna Leigh on her toes and at the peak of her abilities.

  • Training Frequency: Daily
  • Coaching: Leigh Waters (mother and coach)


Who is Anna Leigh Waters’ Boyfriend?

People have also developed an interest in Anna Leigh’s personal life, as she has been among the young athletes since childhood. From her social media accounts, one may not find numerous details about her, yet it can be found that she is in a relationship with Christian Alshon, also a pickleball player. Regardless of the type of relationship, it has been branded as being pretty popular among their fan base and those who follow the sport.

  • Current Partner: Christian Alshon (rumored)

How Does Anna Leigh Waters Engage with Fans?

Anna Leigh is a social media user. She shares information about herself on social media sites. For instance, her Instagram profile allows her to seize her daily life, appearances, performances, and even the private sphere. Despite the growth in her followers, she provides the required information while boosting her audience of pickleball enthusiasts.

  • Instagram Handle: @annaleighwaters
  • Follower Count: Over 100,000


What is the age of Anna Leigh Waters?

Anna Leigh Waters was born on January 26, 2007, and is 17 years old as of 2024.

Which paddle does Anna Leigh Waters use?

Anna Leigh Waters uses the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro paddle, known for its balance and precision.

How much is Anna Leigh Waters’s net worth?

As of 2024, Anna Leigh Waters’ estimated net worth is around $1 million.

Who is Anna Leigh Waters’ boyfriend?

Anna Leigh Waters is rumored to be in a relationship with fellow pickleball player Christian Alshon.

what is the height of Anna Leigh Waters?

Anna Leigh Waters’ height is 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m).

What is Anna Leigh Waters’ Instagram account?

You can follow Anna Leigh Waters on Instagram at @annaleighwaters.

What are some of Anna Leigh Waters’ major achievements?

Anna Leigh Waters has won multiple national championships and partnered with top players like Ben Johns and Christian Alshon.

Who are Anna Leigh Waters’ parents?

Anna Leigh Waters’ mother is Leigh Waters, who also acts as her coach. Her father is Stephanie Waters.

Where does Anna Leigh Waters live?

Anna Leigh Waters is from Delray Beach, Florida.

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