5 Tips To Move Furniture Slowly and Carefully

Are you ready to relocate? If so, it’s likely you’re excited for an opportunity to change places, and you’re ready to begin fresh in a new location! Of obviously, there’s a lot to manage while you wait and lots of work that must be accomplished. One of the most challenging moving tasks you’ll have to tackle is the removal of furniture. It can be a difficult lengthy, tiring, and long-lasting task, particularly if you have to do the bulk of the lifting yourself.

You have the possibility of contacting an established moving company and asking for their assistance. No matter which route you choose following are some essential furniture moving tips to assist in easing the burden of your work:

Tip #1: Disassemble the items you can

Most furniture pieces let the user to take them apart and fold them in half or “break their pieces” to make them easier to move. For instance, a wood table could include legs that are attached to the top using adjustable brackets. A couch could have feet are able to be removed to move around most beds can be taken apart to make it easier to move.

It’s not a good idea to cause more stress for your own by trying to carry large furniture pieces in all their entireness. If you’re able to take them apart then do it. It’s more efficient for everyone.

Tip #2: Make a Detailed Record of Your Hardware

When you’ve taken apart your furniture, ensure you record everything you need for reassembling it! If you’ve got washers, bolts, screws and other pieces of hardware, put them in a secure place or container, for instance, the clear, sealable plastic bag. Note the items you’ve removed to make it easy to return them in their correct place for the process of reassembling.

Tip #3: Make Use of the right equipment for moving.

You’re planning to move your furniture but you don’t want injury your back in the process. If you’re attempting to move the furniture yourself ensure that you make use of the appropriate equipment to safeguard yourself and anyone else who is helping you. Hand trucks is a great advantage when it comes to tall and heavy furniture. Naturally, if you get the assistance of professionals, you don’t need to fret about acquiring the correct equipment. you’ll just relax and enjoy the view instead!

TIP #4: Cover Furniture with blankets to provide protection

If you don’t have enough protection, your furniture may easily be damaged when moving… and even cause harm to other items! This is why it’s recommended to cover your furniture with some form of protection like a heavy blanket or small pieces of bubble wrap. Make sure your protection is secured with rope or tape, or else to ensure that it doesn’t create a danger of tripping when it is loaded or unloaded.

Tip #5: Move Furniture slowly and carefully

Ideally, every piece of furniture should be able to make it to your new home with no damage, dents and scratches. However you must ensure that the furniture isn’t damaging the walls, doorways or floors in your previous home or your new one. Be sure to move furniture carefully and slowly, and be extra cautious when moving heavy furniture pieces through narrow doors, or up and down steps.

Moving furniture is an labor-intensive and difficult job. With the aid of professionals, the job can be accomplished in a safe, quick and easily. If you’d like the help of a top moving service to relocate your furniture, talk to us of  The Shifting Movers now. We’re happy to help!

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